How did I become a Beatlemaniac?


Chapter 1


From the time I was around 6 and my dad put on the album A Hard Day's Night in the car, I've always liked the Beatles. When I first heard And I Love Her, although being so young, it still had meaning to me. Although my Beatle roots go back a while, I didn't really start taking an interest in them until I got The Beatles Rock Band for Christmas 2 years ago. I would play all the different songs, laughing at the titles that I'd never heard before like I Am The Walrus. Eventually, I wanted to listen to more Beatles songs than just those select few, so I started borrowing my dad's CDs. I did some research on them and eventually got more of their albums (Now I own more Beatles songs than the band ever made!), and I learned everything I could about them. My classmates think I'm a total nutcase-stalker for how much I love and know about The Beatles, but I just pity them for not liking good music!! :D


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