My Updates

I will be using this to keep you updated on my stories/quizzes.

Chapter 1

Updates for October

So I moved back in August and I did misplaced the note book where the next few chapters of my Joe Jonas love story is in while I was packing. Luckily, I have found it so I may be posting a chapter. I can't promise I will though.

I also have been going through some self-issues, so I have taken some time off of writing to focus more on what been going on to myself. I will eventually start posting regularly hopefully.

I am starting my second year of high school, so depending on if my teachers give tons of homework and I can keep up with school, I may be updating more. As of right now, I am behind in all my courses and I am trying to get caught back up.

No promises will be made as to me updating before the new year.



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