If u r reading my Halloween story It's All True read thizzz and comment! :P


Chapter 1

What do YOU think?

ok i've got a few questionz for ya'llz read them and answer them in the commentz plz!

1. What do you think of the old lady from chapter five? What is she up to? O.o
2. In chapter five did you think some of the villagers were rude?
3. Are you on Ichabod Crane's side or Mr. Van Tassel and the rest of the town's side? why?
4. Who is your favorite character so far? (if you really want to yez you can pick a random villager)
5. What other creatures should be in the book? (besides headless dudes and vampires i mean)

ok thatz it! plz answer!!! :) if you read my book it shouldn't take you that long in my opinion :P


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