My English Assignement (Harry Potter Related)

So we had to create a dialogue story in English class and we got to chose any characters we wanted to converse. Of course, being me, I chose: Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Draco. I mixed the real Harry Potter (just the characters) into AVPM. I mixed up the words a little bit and made this amazing piece of dialogue! So amazing that I felt the need to Quibblo it. READ ON!

Chapter 1

The Assignment:

Harry, Ron, and Hermione were walking down the corridor when they saw, none other than, Draco Malfoy heading their way.
Draco stopped in front of them and greeted, “Potter, Weasley,” Then he scoffed, “Mud-Blood.”
Hermione pulled out her wand, about to jinx Malfoy for calling her a Mud-Blood (an offensive term for muggle born witches and wizards. [muggle: non-magic folk]) and shouted, “Take that back, Malfoy!”
Draco looked scared until Ron lowered Hermione’s wand and said to her, “Enough Hermione, he’s not worth it.”
Draco sneered when Harry then butted in, “What do you want, Malfoy?”
“Just to say that Father and I have a bet; he says you won’t last five minutes in the TwiWizard Tournament,” Draco chuckled, “I say you won’t last five minutes at Pigfarts!”
“What’s Pigfarts, Draco?” Hermione asked.
“Oh, just a wizarding school I will be transferring to. It’s on Mars! Oh, and the head master’s name is Rumbleroar. He’s a lion. Who can talk,” Draco explained.
“Okay, well why don’t you go to Pigfarts and leave us alone?” Harry sneered.
“Very funny, Potter. You would like that wouldn’t you? Well, I can’t. Why? Because, it’s on Mars,” Draco stated matter-of-factly. “You’d need a rocket ship! Do you have a rocket ship, Potter? I bet you do with all the money your parents left you with.” Draco then starts to mock Harry. “Oh, look at me, Rocket Ship Potter! Oh yeah, I’m Star Kid Potter!”
“Shut it, Malfoy!” Ron exclaimed.
“Make me!” Draco yelled back.
“Jelly legs jinx!” Hermione shouted and with just a flick of her wand, Draco’s legs became jellified.
“No fair, my legs are jelly! My father will hear about this!” Malfoy shouted.
The Golden Trio walks around Draco while Ron complained, “Malfoy just keeps making things up. You’ll do fine in the tournament Harry.”
Harry thanked him.
“Plus, lions can’t talk!” Hermione shouted.
“What about Aslan, he’s a lion that can talk?!” Ron exclaimed.
“Oh please, Ronald. Those Chronicles of Narnia movies are full of rubbish. Along with those Twilight movies Harry’s so obsessed with.” Hermione stated.
“You have to admit that Edward looks a lot like how Cedric Diggory used to look like!” Harry exclaimed.


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