Fame Destroyed Me!!  A Justin Bieber Love Story

Fame Destroyed Me!! A Justin Bieber Love Story

This is a story about a girl who had everything she could ever ask for, but on her to to stardom she forgot everything and everyone she ever cared about and became a brat but doesn't realise it. But will she realise t before she loses her only ever true love?

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Chapter 1



Shannon -

Hey everyone the names Shannon Elizabeth Bradley, I'm 17 years young and live life to the extreme. I am Half Canadian and Half Italian because my Mum is Canadian and my Dad is Italian.

I speak fluent Italian because my Dad taught me it when I was growing up, Everyone tells me that I am very pretty and beautiful. I have Long Dark Brown hair that goes down to my hips and I have Dark Brown eyes. I am meduim height and have a skinny figure because I barely eat. (A PICTURE OF SHANNON WILL BE IN THE NEXT CHAPTER)

Well a little background information on me - I always had a passion for singing and acting and when I was 14 years old I left my home town of Canada to go and live with my Aunt Caroline in Hollywood to start of my career.

I am now a big multi-millionare with lots of fame, I have been in several movies and I have won hundrends of Awards for best Actor and Singer. My best friend in the whole wide world is Miley Cyrus, we met when I started of my career and have been friends ever since.

I haven't been back in Canada since the day i left 3 years ago and havent seen my parents in all that time either. I dont really remember that much about my old life and old friends because I am always so busy in Hollywood

But I do kind of remember having a really close friend with Blondish hair but I cant remember his name. Well anyway my Aunt and I had a huge argument last night because she told me she is sick of my constant attitusde and that she thinks all the fame has gotten to me and I was always acting like a spoiled brat.

In my opinion she is just exagerrating I mean I havent changed that much in 3 years right? Well anyway she said she is sending me back to Canada for a few months because she thinks it will do me good to get away from things for a while and remember the old me

I have no idea what she means by that but oh well, I am going back to Cananda tomorrow. And back to my parent who I havent seen in 3 years, So I better get back to packing bye bye!!

Justin -

Hey everyone the names Justin Drew Bieber, I'm 17 years young and live am a singer. I am Canadian and am currently on a break from tour so I am visiting my home town for a few months and I cant wait to see everyone again

Well a little background information on me - I am a singer and I act sometimes. My friends are Caitlin Beadles, Christian Beadles, Ryan Butler and Chaz Somers but my best friend of all time is Shannon Bradley

She is the best thing that has ever happened in mylife, yes even better than my career, She is stunningly beautiful and is always a bubbly and enthusiastic girl. We met when we were only 3 years old because our Mum's got talking in the park and we were best friends ever since.

We dated for a few months when we were 13 and we had an amazing relationship, I was so inlove with her. And guess what?

I still am, yeep that's right she left me for her career 3 years ago and i still cant get over her, my heart belongs to her and always will. I miss her so much, the day she left I cried myself to sleep every night for weeks after it and was so depressed. Not only was she my girlfriend when she left but she was also my bestfriend.

The thing i loved most about her was that she was so down-to-earth and was always friends with everyone, and never ever ever judged anyone because she believed that was wrong.

But anyway she is coing back to Canada to stay with her parents for a few months and I am so so super excited about seeing her georgeous face again I just want to have her in my arms again like the old days before we both became famous.


Caroline Bradley (Shannon's Aunt)
Lisa Bradley (Shannon's Mum)
Brian Bradley (Shannon's Dad)
Becca Bradley (Shannon's Little Sister - Age 7)
Caitlin Beadles (Was Shannon's friend in Canada and Justin's Friend)
Christian Beadles (Justin's friend)
Ryan Bulter (Justin's Friend)
Chaz Somer's (Justin's Friend)
Pattie Mallette (Justin's Mum)
Miley Cyrus (Shannon's Current Best Friend)

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