I'm Falling for Voldemort: A Joe Walker Love Story

I'm Falling for Voldemort: A Joe Walker Love Story

So, I LOVE Joe Walker, so I decided to write a story about him! Now this might get a bit mature for you younger starkiddies, but I'll warn you when it is :)


Xoxo- Sam

Chapter 1

You Can't Say No to Lauren Lopez

"I DON'T WANNA DO IT!" I screamed into my pillow for a 10th time at Lauren, "PLEASE?! I...AM...DESPERATE!" She said jumping on my bed. "Lauren! I really don't want to! What happened to the people that did it for the show last year?" "They were all seniors! They graduated! PLEAASEEE Ella!"

I hated when she did this, she knew I couldn't say no to her..."Lauren, I don't know any of your friends." "So what? You'll get to know them, and they'll love you, I promise!"

I sighed, "You said that when I met your Grandma, remember that time she came to visit you? By the time she left, Ethel was swinging her cane at me!" She laughed slightly, "YOU ATE HER PUDDING, what did you expect?"

I groaned to myself. "You owe me..." I said, getting up and poking her in the nose. "THANK YOU EL!" Lauren hugged me tightly then ran off to tell her friends.

Tell them what you ask? Well, she needed a make-up artist. She does these productions for this company her friends started, they call themselves "Starkid", and to be completly honest; they were fantastic!

I saw a show they did last year and was blown away, this year they're doing something called A Very Potter Musical...That's the reason I don't wanna be a part of it, I figure they have such a great dynamic now, why would I go and goof it up?

But Lauren Lopez had confidence in me, and I could tell by her voice, she really was desprite. I was straightening my hair when i heard my phone buzz:


I clicked open, trying not to burn myself and read the text..

''HEY! When your done doing what you're doing, come to the auditorium across campus! :)''

I sighed and replied, ''Yes sir! See you in a few! ;)''

I finished straightening my hair and picked out an outfit...

Then I grabbed my keys and headed out the door locking it behind me, and texted Lauren that I was on my way.

I walked into the auditorium, "Woah.." I whispered to myself...I didn't realize how big this place looked when it was empty. "Lauren? I called, no answer...

Suddenly the lights came on on the stage, "Did someone say Draco Malfoy?!" I turned toward the stage and saw Lauren in her Draco outfit. "Ah! I love that!" I said hopping up on stage, she whipped off the wig and smiled. "Ready to meet everybody?" "I guess.." I said, fidgiting with my hands

"Will you relax? It's not like you're meeting the Queen of England or something..Come on.." she pulled me back stage and I saw small groups of people all over the place, some were serious..some laughing an joking, and I saw 3 very attractive shirtless guys throwing a frisbee. ''Huh? Indoors, that weird..'' I thought to myself.

"Guys!" Lauren yelled, "WHAT LOPEZ?" one of the shirtless boys with a crooked jaw asked. "Stuff it Richter! Everybody, this is Ella! She's our new make-up artist!"

"Hi everybody..." I said with a wave. A loud unanimous "HI!" errupted from the group, 2 girls walked over to me, "Hi! Im Jaime! and this is Bonnie!"

"Nice to meet you guys!" We talked for a few more minutes, then I met the Langs who explained the show to me and asked me to draw up some make-up idea's for voldemort. I met both Brian's, 2 of apparently 3 Joe's, AJ, Darren Criss aka Harry, who was also one of the boys throwing frisbee, and quite a few others.

I reached for my bag and took out a pencil and a sketch pad and start drawing...I was walking around drawing and then something whacked me in the face. "Holy crap!" I yelled and grabed my nose.

`"Fvck, are you ok?" I heard a man's voice ask me, "Yeah, I think so- Shiit! I'm bleeding..." "Dammit, here, come with me.." I was lifted off the ground, the man grabbed my elbow and wrapped his arm around my back touching my waist, while my hand gripped my nose.

He brought me to what I assume was a bathroom, and sat me in a chair. He wet a towel and handed it to me, then sat down in a chair across from me. "Im so sorry..." I looked at him, while holding my nose and smiled softly, "It ok, its not like you did it on purpose.." he chuckled to himself. "Im Joe, by the way...Joe Walker." he held his hand out and I took it with my free one.

"Ella, nice to meet you" i said smiling, he was wearing black sweats, and no shirt with a boston redsox hat. "Oh! Your one of those guys that was playing frisbee, is that what I got hit with?" He looked at me sighed, "Yeah, im sorry." he said with alot of guilt in his voice. "Don't freak out. Im all good" i pulled the towel away from my face.

"Is there any more blood?" I asked getting closer to him. His eyes scanned my face, then drifted to my body, he came back up to meet my eyea and swallowed hard, "Nope, i think your good.." He smiled. I threw the towel in the garbage, and walked back to Joe. "So who are you playing in the show?"

"Lord Voldemort.." he said in a creepy voice, "That's the voice im doing for the character, you like it?" "Totally! Im doing your make up for the show, here what do you think of this?" I showed him my sketch and he loved it. We exited the bathroom and headed back to the stage. "Your talented..that sketch is really good." he said nudging me playfully as we walked out.

I tucked a peice of my brown hair behind my ear, "Thanks" I smiled shyly. He laughed under his breath, "That's cute." I stopped in the middle of the stage as he sauntered across it, finally pausing. "What is?" "Your a shy kinda girl arent you?" He asked turing to face me, taking a few steps back to me and shoving his hand into his pockets. The way his arms were positioned made his abs stand out, an oh my god were they fantastic to look at.

"Maybe..." I said turning to walk away, "I guess you'll have to get to know me to find out.." I kept walking across the stage.

I heard him laugh, "I plan too!" he yelled to me, I bit my lip and smiled as I walked away to find Lauren.

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