A Marauder era Remus Lupin love story

I have read so many marauder love stories, its not even funny anymore. Finally, i decieded to make my own! I will not include peter, because he is pointless, and just a follower.

Name: Adelaide Cummings
Age:same as marauders, developes
Blood Status:Pure-blood
Appearance: Long, loose, curly black hair, aqua eyes, medium height, EXTREMELY pretty.

Chapter 1

Hogwarts Express

I was so exited to finaly be at platform 9 3/4! I couldn't wait! I barely gave my mom time to kiss my forehead before I was off. I gave my luggage to the man at the front of the gleaming red train, and proceded to get on the train. I searched for an empty compartment and realized there were none. Finaly I stumbled upon a compartment with only one person in it.

I slid open the door. My gaze fell upon a boy, obviously a first year too, due to the lack of a patch and tie. His shortish-longish honey blonde hair, framing his scared face, emphasizing his eyes the color of the ocean. "Hi, my names Adalaide.", I introduced myself. He tore his focus from his book reluctantly and introduced himself as Remus Lupin. "No, of course I don't mind if you sit here.", he replies, before I let the question escape my mouth. "Thank-you", I answer still in shock.

Not much later, I too am engrossed in my book. I only realize that there is someone else in the compartment when i feel the pressure on the seat next to me. I look up from my book and see not only one person, but two.

"Hello", says a boy with messy black hair and chocolate brown eyes," my name is James Potter." "Nice to meet you, " I reply,"My name is Adalaide Cummings". The second boy, who has longer black hair and stormy gray eyes turns to me and introduces himself. "I'm Sirius Black," he states. I see a mysterious glint in his eye, and he turns a whispers something to james, who grins.

I ignore it and turn back to my book. I am being shook, (I get VERY engrossed in my books) by Sirius, as James is shaking Remus. "We need to change into our robes now", Sirius says loudly as though he has already said it a million times before, and I realize he probably has.

"oh", is my ingenious reply, and I get up, pulling out my robes and head out in search of the changing rooms.

I return, only to find the door locked. "Hey!", I yell, upset that the boys have locked me out. "we're changing in here!", yells an irritated voice I recognize as James'. "Sorry!", I yell. "Nobody told ME!". I lean against the door, waiting for the boy's to be done changing. I am falling back, only to be caught with a pair of strong arms around my waist. I look up to see Remus, and I blush.

About an hour later, we arrive in Hogsmead. We are ushured into boats, four to a boat. We get in, me next to Remus, and Sirius next to James. As we get farther into the lake, Sirius and James look at each other, grin, and give me a great shove. I close my eyes, but do not meet the freezing September water, but the same strong arms from earlier. I look up to see Sirius and James' pouty looks, and a blush on Remus' face. He lets go quickly, and I thank him for the second time today.

We reach the school, and Remus helps me out. We are greeted by a stern looking woman, who appears to be in her late 20's. She tells us about the four Hogwarts houses, and I zone out. Being pure-blood, I know all of these things. And I am sure of one thing. I will NOT be in Slytherin.

We walk into the great hall and await to be sorted. Sirius is sorted (b) into Gryffindoor, much to just about everybody's surprise, and shortly after, I am called. I walk to the stool unafraid. (brave, hint hint) I sit on the stool gingerly, afraid that it will be as old as the sorting hat and crumble underneath me. The hat is placed on my head, and weirdly enough, with no conversation, the sorting hat yells out.............

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