Soul (Not a Fan-Fic)

HEY PEOPLE! This story is about a bunch of people with magical powers. (Unlike many of my other stories, this has nothing to do with Harry Potter. Sorry.) The main human characters are Valentine (a good guy, unlike in the Mortal instruments, plus this one is a girl), Paige, Nica, Raven, Lily, Electra, and Ebony. The main not-human characters are Khaki (a wolf), Pipper (a lynx kitten), Ginger (a tiger), and Streak (a mountain lion.) The bad guy is...I'll tell you later. ;) ENJOY AND COMMENT!!!!!!

Chapter 1

All About The Characters

(Since 500 characters just isn't enough for a good description, I'm tying it here!)
(Rachi and Starpaw, yes, you're in this story, too. You're just not main characters.)
Does she know she's magic yet? No.
Power: Doesn't know. :)
Good at fighting: HelI yeah.
Best Friend: Not yet.
Hair Color: Light brown, for now.
Eye Color: Dark brown, for now.
Skin Tone: Very pale, for now
Good or bad? GOOD!!!

Does she know she's magic yet? No.
Power: Doesn't know.
Good at fighting: Sorta.
Best Friend: Where do I begin...lots of friends, not many best friends.
Hair Color: Naturally blond, dyed purple.
Eye Color: Deep blue.
Skin Tone: Tan.

Does she know she's magic? MAGIC AND LOVIN' IT!
Power: Pyrokinises. (sp?) (It means you control fire)
Best Friend: Ginger.
Hair Color: Auburn.
Eye Color: Pale green.
Skin Color: Tan.

Does she know she's magic? Known her whole life!
Power: Controls shadows. O_O
Best Friend: Streak.
Hair Color: Black.
Eyes: Dark brown.
Skin Tone: Super-tan.

Does she know she's magic? Not yet...but almost.
Power: You will find out in Chapter 2.
Best Friend: A normal person named Ariana.
Hair Color: Dark brown.
Eyes: Light blue.
Skin Color: Normal; not pale, not tan, in between.

Does she know she's magic? No.
Power: Chapter 2 will tell you...
Best Friend: Normal boy named Chris.
Hair Color: Blond.
Eyes: Dark brown.
Skin Color: Tan.

Does she know she's magic? No.
Power: You'll find out in Chapter 2.
Hair: Black.
Eyes: Light blue.
Skin Tone: Very pale.

Does she know she's magic? Yes.
Power: She can feel what other people are feeling, and help them feel happy. (Only happy though.)
Best Friend: None...yet.
Fur Color: Brown.
Eye Color: Amber.
Pack: None.

Does she know she's magic? YUP!
Power: Can give other people energy just by thinking about it. It makes her super tired though.
Best Friend: All the lynxes love her!
Fur Color: Whatever normal lynx fur color is.
Eyes: Yellow.

Does she know she's magic? Yes.
Power: She can tell who would win a fight with her just by looking at them. That way she knows whether to fight or run.
Best Friend: Nica!
(She just looks like a normal tiger.)

Does HE know he's magic? Yes.
Power: Can turn invisible.
Best Friend: Raven.
Fur Color: Really dark brown.
Eye Color: Yellow.

What do you think of the characters? I'll post chapter 2 with one POSITIVE comment. Don't be mean! BYE!!!!!!!!!
(In case you haven't guessed, I'm super-duper-hyper right now. :D)

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