who will you marry(part 65)

Chapter 1

Chapter 65

Taking the box from him, you smile as you can feel Anthony’s eyes on you as you go to your room to get ready for the ball, closing the door you set the package on the carefully removing the bow and ribbon before taking off the top looking at the dress that was carefully folded inside with the shoes on top. Removing the dress you smile as you run your fingers over the satin fabric. Looking at the time you stop cooing over the dress taking a shower, before drying off and sliding the dress over your head pulling it down gently. Anthony what do u want, you say quickly not even bothering to look at him fighting the urge to look him in the eyes. You could never figure out why, but every time she looked at into those intense hypnotizing hazel eyes it was if she came under a spell that she couldn’t seem to escape, and that’s the last the thing u needed while alone and vulnerable with him in your room.

You have my undivided attention, so tell me, what do u need? you say your voice not showing any of the emotions you were feeling.He moves in close to you not saying a word strong musky - clean scent nearly made you forget yourself as thoughts of laying with him naked upon soft black satin sheets suddenly came into your mind. Knowing where the thoughts came from, you hazard a glance back at him and was a little startled by the hard glint in Anthony’s eyes. “why“?, Though he whispered his tone radiated danger. You instinctively take a step toward the bedroom door trying to think of some kind of excuse on why u like to mess with him , im just a girl you whisper, and suddenly his demeanor changed and he smiled.” and a very sexy one.” you smiled back at him but were speechless, as you were determined to not to give into him and those eyes as you were sure so many women had before you. He moved closer to you, backing u up against the bedroom door. He was less than an inch away, his lips close to your face. He was too close, ur heart was beating so fast that part fear that you would be nearly powerless to stop him if he decided to have his way with u and the sheer exhilaration from being so close to him. Your cheeks were red, as you try to think of a way out of this situation, or did u?. and if you thought it wasn’t possible he leans in closer towering over you his lips almost touching yours. Do you like being close to me Ashanti? Finding your willpower you put up your hands and pushed him away saying your too close. But isn’t this what u want… what you been thinking about since you’ve seen me… and the reason you continue to tease me as you do he whispers sensually. The coolness of his voice was more annoying than his boldness, “you flatter yourself “, you say quickly. Anthony tilted his head slightly to one side. “Is that so?” yes, you hiss angrily.

As if happy that he had got under your skin he smirked as he opened the door to leave but not before stopping and looking back at you.
You should really learn to lock ur door, you never know who could drop by, then he was gone.
You stare at the door that he just left out, trying to get a hold of your emotions as you think what is
This thing that he has over you, makes you feel like 10yr old with her first crush. Shaking the thoughts from your head you look at the clock you sit down on the bed and then begin putting on the strappy sandals that matched the jewel in the top of the dress.


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