the 27th of March

Every night, on the 27th of March, inhuman screams arise from the mansion opposite Camille’s house. The rumours were that the mansion was haunted. The previous year, a group of boys from her class invited Camille and her best friend, Jess, to go with them and explore the mansion. Of course Camille and Jess declined the offer. They had seen more than enough horror movies to know what was good for them.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The boys were still missing, and in a week they would officially have been gone for one year. The date of the 27th of March was approaching fast.
But something was wrong. Something was very wrong. It was only the 20th of March and already noises were coming from the mansion. On top of this abnormality, the screams were not the same. This time, they were more like the scream of pain. My mind straight away began to jump to conclusions. Was there medieval torture being performed? Was someone being murdered? Were the rumours real; was there a little girl possessed by a demon in there? I really wanted to go in, but I was afraid- afraid for my life. The horrified look on Jess’ face when I told her about my urge still haunted my mind. My mind was set: I could not go in without my best friend. And what about Tyler, Sam and Jake, the boys that are still missing? Where were they? Jess was sure that if I pursued this, and went inside, that I would disappear. Jess was not brave, nor was she courageous, but she had a huge heart. She was always trying to persuade me to move in with her, as she was frightened that whatever lurked in that house would come for me. But I was seventeen. I could survive on my own.
Chap. 2
It was the night before the 27th. The screams had suddenly stopped the night before. I was spending the night at Jess’ place, just to be on the safe side. We fell asleep early, at 9:00pm maybe. Suddenly, I was in a parallel universe; I was dreaming. I was walking towards the house. A harsh, rasping voice was calling to me. I walked forward, like a zombie, as if I was being commanded. I reached the finely carved door. It opened, silently and very slowly. I slowly peeked around the corner I saw- the silhouette of my desk. I had awoken. I was extremely frustrated. I had to know what was inside that house. After lying in my sleeping bag for an additional 10 minutes, I decided I could not go back to sleep now. It was 3:00am. Throwing off my covers, I shook Jess awake. She groaned. “What do you want now Cam?” Suddenly she sat bolt upright. “You’ll never guess what I dreamt.”
Half an hour later, we had both explained our dreams to each other. Both were extremely similar. The only difference was that the person calling Jess had a sweet voice. A luring voice. After a bit of discussion, we came to the conclusion that the reason the voice in Jess’ dream was sweet, was because if the voice was scary, Jess would be too afraid to go. I, on the other hand, was a daredevil, so the voice straight away aroused my curiosity. I told Jess I had to go in there, and I couldn’t go alone. After Jess had realised that I was serious about this, she was extremely panicky. I told her that she didn’t have to come, but I knew that she would not be able to live not knowing what had happened to me if I disappeared. Reluctantly, Jess decided she would come with me. For the rest of the morning, until the sun started to rise, and the birds started their early hunt for food, we planned our expedition.
Even though we had limited sleep, we were not tired. We were too terrified to be tired. The whole day proceeding the night of our expedition, we just revised our plans, over and over. Our parents thought that we were going to Movie World for the day. That evening, just before we left, we wrote our goodbye notes, just in case. Then we left for my house, our backpacks swung over our shoulders. Even before we approached my house, we could hear the blood curling howls. Shivering, and clutching each other for comfort, we strode on. I felt a spatter on my head. I looked up just as the first raindrops poured down. We walked on, bracing against the wind. A flash of lightning streaked across the sky just as we reached the stream separating my house from the mansion.
As we approached the looming building, we could see that lightning was striking a metal pole standing on the roof. My mind started to race. Is this the torture that was going on? Suddenly Jess pulled back, her face white as a sheet. “Cam I- I don’t want to go in” she stuttered, clearly terrified. “Come on!” I urged her. Gently pushing her forward, we proceeded to the front doors. I raised my trembling hand to knock. But Jess slapped it away “Shhhh!” she exclaimed. I nodded and slowly pushed the door open. Even though I had never been near the building, I felt a sense of déjà vu. This was just like my dream, and I was sure that Jess was thinking the same.
We peered around the now open door, not knowing what to expect. The flickers of lighting that lit up the room revealed it to be empty, except for a spiralling staircase near the centre. Hastily, we climbed the stairs. I was in front. Suddenly, there was a crash. I grabbed Jess, and just in time. The stair has splintered under her. Sitting down on the landing in relief, Jess turned to me. “What do you think that the boys were thinking at this time?” “I don’t know” I replied. “Probably the same as us”. I squeezed her hand reassuringly. Even though she hadn’t confessed it to me, I was sure that Jess had a strong crush on one of the boys, Sam. In one of the lightning flashes, we saw a dark shadow gliding towards the door, across from us. Petrified with fear, we stayed still. I was the first to get up. I pulled Jess up, and started towards the next staircase. I had no intention of opening any of the doors. I realised that I couldn’t hear Jess behind me anymore. I whirled around, to find her pulling one of the doors open. I rushed over, terrified of what I might see. To our horror, inside the room was a four poster bed, and on the bed, laid a woman, dressed in an old day corset style, as white as a sheet. As the door opened, her head turned towards us, and her dull, sunken eyes opened to reveal empty eye sockets. Her eyes boring into mine, she rasped, “Help me”.
I slammed the door shut and we ran up the next flight of stairs. Now on the third story, all there was was a chest. We didn’t dare open it as disturbing cries of pain erupted from it. We continued up a ladder, to a room with a low roof and one door. We knew that we had to open it. We stepped closer and pushed the door open a crack. There, inside the room, was a bed, not unlike a hospital bed, which had metal straps connected to it, and wires, which connected to a pole hanging from the roof. With a start, I realised that there was a figure strapped into the bed. Jess grabbed my arm, just realising what I already knew. An arrow protruded from his hand. As I blinked, a streak of lightning sounded, and a spark ran down the metal pole hanging from the ceiling, through the wire, and into the metal straps around the figure’s arms and legs. Jess and I knew from our science class that metal was a conductor, and that this figure was being electrocuted. The silhouette let out a scream that made the hair on our arms curl. Then it broke away from the straps and rose. Standing up, we could see its empty eye sockets, and it appeared to be staring straight at us. We bolted, but there was no way out. A man was blocking the only exit, a frail person. We turned around and looked at the monster that had been electrocuted. It was Sam. Jess let out a moan. Where were the others, Tyler and Jake? We had seen enough.
I grabbed Jess and we ran. I got my crowbar out of my backpack and hit the frail man. He was surprisingly strong. He grappled for my neck but only caught my necklace. I felt it rip away. We sidestepped him and jumped down the ladder. The jump was bigger than I thought. We landed, and I felt a bone in my ankle snap. I got up and kept running, grimacing at each step. We ran down the flight of stairs, and through a random door to reveal a prison-looking room. Chained to the wall were Jake and Tyler. Except something was wrong. Tyler’s face was full of scars, and his body was contorted into a position only a contortionist could manage. Jake was slumped; a bite mark on his neck was dripping with blood. Tyler grinned at us. We turned and ran back out of the door, down the flight of stairs, being careful to jump the splintered step, and found ourselves on the bottom floor. We barged through the open door, and into the humid night air. We kept running until we were back at Jess’ house, where we collapsed, sobbing. I turned to Jess. My necklace was gone. It was the necklace my sister had given me before she died. Jess had cuts covering every inch of her body, and my ankle was broken. Jess’ mother barged in. She started to shout, but then saw us. “What happened to you to?!!” she shrieked! But we had planned this. “Someone was at Movie World... the police got involved- he had a gun.”
We woke in the hospital. Both our mothers were sitting in the room. As soon as I was awake, my mother said, “We are moving to America. Jess is coming too. We are scared that the psycho from Movie World will come after you.” We were relieved. Our parents left, and I said to Jess
“This has to stay between us.” She nodded in response.


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