This is my Demigod Story

Okay this is some what true.
So ... enjoy!
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Chapter 15

Proposition for the Taking

(Annabeth's PRO)

Luke took us to a boat he was still carrying Achlys on his shoulder. Though it was still unknown who was her godly parent. The boy I use to look up to put me and Percy in a cell. It was dark, wet and damp in the cell. He took Achlys with him, though I'm not sure where. But she was still out cold, but still breathing when he left with her.

(My PRO)

I started coming to I was lying on an extremely soft bed. I tried looking around but when I moved my head it started to pound. My whole body ached as I tried to sit up, but realized my ankle was chained to the bed. Damn it I thought I heard the door start to open. I could see the light from the door way as someone started to come closer to me. It was the boy with the sandy haired boy with blue eyes, Luke. "Ah, you're up." He said blissfully. I just glared at him with abhorrence "Why am I chained to the bed?" I questioned trying not to yell. He just smiled "So you don't do anything stupid." Glaring at it him still I threatened "I can do something stupid even when I'm in chains," I smirked slightly, his reaction was quite priceless. He seemed to not like my reply at all and called in some guards to watch me. "Why am I here anyways? Where is..." I noticed he had my headphones and iPod. Nobody touched my music "GIVE THAT BACK!" he took it out of his pocket "What this? I think I'll keep it for awhile." I was shocked by his answer, nobody ever dared to take my music away not even my own mother.

Despite my aching muscles I jumped off the bed. And went towards him, now furious I tried to make a grab for my entertainment, my life source. He grabbed my wrist tightly, so tightly my whole arm started to go numb. I refused to scream or plead for him to stop I just wanted my stuff back. "Take off the chain!" he ordered. "I think we have away to control her." He grinned pleased as if he was a child getting presents at Christmas. "Just give it back." I was nervous now, not understanding what he meant by what he said.

"Oh you'll get it back after you do something for me." Luke was trying to make a deal, but his voice was now soothing as though trying to befriend me. I stayed quiet and looked away from him. He didn't allow it; he made me look at him harshly and with lots of force because I wasn't letting him easily. My neck was now suffering with a burning sensation. "An-And what would that be?" trying to hide the pain. "I want you to join me and convince Annabeth to as well." He said it as though trying to conduct a business proportion. I didn't want to so I tried to change to subject "Were not that close so if I talk to her won't do anything really. I don't talk much and I am highly rebellious, you wouldn't want me on your side." He just laughed still holding my head so I look at him "Is there any way I could be healed? You know a doctor or something." Now sounding like my normal self, with the quietness, hatred towards everyone, and I even have the scowl plaster on my face. There was no emotion in my tone of voice, as though I was heartless, soulless, vile creature ready to kill.

"Of course" He signaled for one of his people to come over, they had a tin canteen and gave it to Luke. "Drink this," he ordered giving the tin to me "it will make you feel better." I took the tin canteen from him slowly "What is it?" Luke smiled warmly "It's nectar and perfectly save I promise you that." I looked at is in disgust not wanting to drink it. "You drink it first." Staring at him I moved it towards him. Luke just looked shocked "You really no nothing about demigods do you?" he said, I know plenty I thought I just don't trust you.

(Annabeth's PRO)

"Percy we have to get out of here!" I said pacing the cell. When I stopped and looked at the outline of the boy imprisoned with me, he was sitting on the floor. "Come on Seaweed Brain think!" I started pacing again, and after a while of doing so stepped in a puddle. "Percy do you think you could control the water to unlock the door?" looking at him with curiosity. "Uh ...... Not sure but I guess I could give it a try."

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