This is my Demigod Story

Okay this is some what true.
So ... enjoy!
And please comment!

© CE or AA

Chapter 2


(Annabeth PRO)

Getting on the bus was easy but trying to stay inconspicuous well that was another story. I and Percy made sure to stay close by the demigod we were supposed to bring back to camp. He sat in front and I sat with her. She was listening to her music. She was wearing a black skull T-shirt, and a pair of black jeans. I could tell that this girl did not usually have people sit with her because everyone on the bus as staring at us.

I decided to talk to Percy so that it would not be awkward "Hey Seaweed Brain, are you sure this is the one?" I said in Greek so no one could hear what we were saying. He replied back in the same tongue "Yeah I'm pretty sure why, do you not trust me?" We then turned are eyes toward her "No, it's just that she seems normal for a Demigod."

The two of us drew are attention to the girl again. She now had her headphones out of her ears and was listening in on us. So I thought that it would be a good thing to make small talk with her "Hi, I'm Annabeth." I said smiling at her. "Achlys, why are you sitting next to me?" she seems to have an attitude problem. Then one of the other female students on the bus said to me mocking Achlys "Yes, why are you and your friend sitting by the Loner of the school?" a bunch of her friends started to laugh at this statement.

(My PRO)

I was trying to ignore the mysterious blond sitting next to me. Taking out my headphones I looked around all the kids on the bus was now staring. I then turned my attention to the new girl and saw that she was talking to the boy with the black hair. But they were speaking in another language; I only made out one word that they said "DEMIGOD". The pair of then kept moving their eye towards me as though I was the one they were talking about.

Then the one sitting next to me said "Hi, I'm Annabeth." She had a smile across her face. I don't like people smiling especial at me. "Achlys, why are you sitting next to me?" when the question came out of my mouth there was bitterness and hatred fixed into my voice. But before she could answer Idylla the most popular in school started to mock me with asking Annabeth the same question with her own wicked twist to it "Yes, Why are you and your friend sitting by the Loner of the school?" she smiled with a sense of satisfaction, that was backed up with the laughter of her friends, no not friends there more like her goons.

I could feel the hatred towards her building up inside of me; my hands formed fists so tight that my knuckles were turning white. But it was too late to react to her insult, for the bus stopped in front of the school. I'm getting her back later I promised to myself and the fists that had formed released from its grip. Put my headphones back into my ears I exited the bus.

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