This is my Demigod Story

Okay this is some what true.
So ... enjoy!
And please comment!

© CE or AA

Chapter 3

School gone from bad to worst/ On the run

(My PRO)

I entered the school and got to my locker. Some how the students that normally have their lockers on both side of me disappeared, and the new ones are now beside me. Going to my TA and yet again there they are. It was as though they were following me. Annabeth and what's his face were in every one of my classes and tried to sit with me at lunch, like I was a fugitive or something. Idylla was making matters worse as well "Oh look the loner finally found some friends." Trying to hold my anger I replied "well for all you know there just lost and I'm helping them out." I walked away. Although that was very out of character for me I have never helped any one in my life and just kept to myself.

The final bell rang and Annabeth and the boy were still following my every move. I'm so not taking the bus home. I thought to myself. And that's what I did I purposely missed the bus. I took a deep breath in thinking that they were finally gone, or so I thought. "Hey Achlys, wait up." a familiar voice called from a distance. I turned my head to find that it was the two creeps that have been stalking me all day.

Turning my head back forward I started to run. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" I yelled back at the teenagers be hide me that were now chasing me.

(Annabeth's PRO)

Throughout the day I and Percy kept a very close eye on her. We made sure that we had lockers beside her, were in the same TA and classes as her, also sat with her at lunch well tried to anyway that did not go so well. The bell rang for school to end and she did not get on the bus. So before it left the school we ran off the bus.

I then saw her walking away from the school. We followed from a distance and I called out "Hey Achlys, wait up." She turned her head and looked at me. I could see it in her eyes that she was scared and then sprinted away from us. Why do they always run? I thought to myself, elbowing Percy I said "Come on we have to go after her." Chasing after her I heard her scream "LEAVE ME ALONE!"

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