Hogwarts' Coolest Twins- A Hogwarts Love Story

Yes, another twins love story.....DON'T JUDGE! Well, you can judge the story.

Aris and Alice are going into their first year at Hogwarts.


Chapter 1

Diagon Alley

by: Dance
Name: Aris Lyle
Hair: soft, straight, brown, long
Eyes: bright blue
Tan, short, athletic, slight curves.
Bubbly, daring, bold, nice, brave, protective, competitive, determined
Twin to Alice

Name: Alice Lyle
Hair: soft, straight, brown, slightly shorter than Aris'
Eyes: bright blue
Tan, short, athletic, slight curves.
Shy, nice, smart, responsible, hard working, loyal, sweet

Both are half-blood witches that have been living with their father's friend, Mr. Diggory, and his son, Cedric.
The story will be from Aris' point of view!

"Come on, Rissy! Is that all you got?" Cedric called back to me. We were playing one-on-one Quidditch while Alice sat by the big oak tree reading. The sun was shining on my back and the breeze was blowing my long hair. Cedric looked back at me again and gave a cocky smile. I surged forward, determined to catch up to him, but I never got the chance.
A dark haired boy appeared in a stadium, dirty and wounded. He was holding onto a body....a familar body.
"Aris!" Alice said as she and Cedric stood above me. I must have fallen.
"Aris, what did you see?" Cedric asked calmly.
I looked at their faces nervously before saying, "A dark haired boy appeared, dirty and wounded, in an arena holding onto a body."
Both of them knitted their eyebrows before Cedric helped me up and had Alice walk me inside. I looked back at him, putting away our Quidditch supplies and noticed a thoughtful look on his face. I ignored it and walked upstairs to the bedroom I shared with Alice. I don't know how long I lied there but I was soon asleep.

"Rissy! We're going to Diagon Alley!" Alice was smiling widely over me. By the way the light was shining into the double windows, I could tell that it was morning. I got out of bed and got ready before heading downstairs.
"Good morning, Aris." Amos Diggory greeted me.
I should explain something. Alice and I are the only children of Nicholas and Karen Lyle. Our father is a wizard but our mother is a Muggle. My mother was frightened of wizards and witches, besides our father. Our father, being so deeply in love with her but still wanting Alice and I to have a magical education, left us with his life-long friend, Amos Diggory, and went to live in the Muggle world with our mother. We still write to our parents, and though you may think that it made us feel unloved, we're grateful that our father allowed us to live in the magic world.
"Morning, Amos." I smiled and sat down for breakfast with Cedric and Alice. After I picked at the food on my plate, we left for Diagon Alley.
When we arrived, it was just as I remembered. Witches and wizards hurried along crowded streets and shops were displaying items available inside.
We hurried along to every shop, with Alice bouncing with excitement from books and my eyes widening whenever we passed the Quidditch shop, where I couldn't go until next year.
"To Ollivander's!" Cedric announced joyfully. I could feel the fluttering of butterfly's wings in my stomach. This was it. The moment I got my wand.
A man with crazy, white hair greeted us when we walked in.
"Hello, Mr. Diggory! I assume that these young ladies are Nicholas' daughters?"
"Yes. This is Aris and Alice Lyle." He said, smiling.
"Wonderful! Who shall go first?" He asked. Alice got that shy look on her face so I stepped up.
"I will. I'm Aris." I said, grinning bravely.
"Well, Miss Aris, you may step up this way." I followed him to the counter. He began taking measurements before he handed me a box. I opened it and say a short wand. I picked it up and gave it a twirl. The lights flickered and I heard glass shatter. I put the wand away with an apologetic smile.
"No worries, my dear." He pulled another box and handed it to me. "Try this."
I opened the box and saw a long, gleaming wand that seemed to be calling my name. I picked it up and felt a warmth grow inside of me from my hand. I moved my hand and beautiful gold sparks flew from the wand.
"Ah! 12 3/4 in, Beech wood, Phoenix feather core, quite bendy(My Pottermore wand! xD). This is the wand for you." Mr. Ollivander smiled. I examined my wand while Alice got her wand, thinking about what house we would be in.
Alice and I were starting our first year, but Cedric was going into his third year. He was in Hufflepuff, and we all knew that Alice would be in Hufflepuff, too. For that reason, I wanted to be in Hufflepuff, though I knew the most reasonable house would be Gryffindor.
"Aris, it's time to go." Cedric said. We Apparated home and I went upstairs to my bedroom. Making sure that Alice wasn't coming, I opened up my window and climbed out. I grabbed onto the edge of the roof and pulled myself up. I sat on the roof, watching the sunset when I heard the sounds of a group of maybe nine people coming from over the hill.
I imagined a family. A happy, large family that liked to spend summer nights outside. I was happily staring in the direction of the noise, enjoying the setting sun on my face.
"Aris, how could you?! You knew and you didn't bother to mention it?!" Alice screamed, tears soaking her face. There was a heavy silence after she said that. The sound of sobs bounced off of the stone walls.

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