Chapter 1


So, I have an original story planned out. Obviously it's all fantasy, but it's a story I wrote before expect changed a whole lot. Do you all remember my immortal wolf love story??

It's that, except the plot is the same, characters are the same but the story is based differently. :D

There's lots of different creatures. :)

Each person is connected to one particular creature...
My girls creature is a water mythical creature who's name I can not remember... Er, I'll find out later and if you read it so will you.
Some of the characters are still there... Some of which were some of you...
Here are the characters in the book.
Reece [They are twins, and shes a person on here] they are wolves.
Aliana (A fallen star).
Ellie(A dragon girl)
Chelsea (One of the people who work with a freak show).
Kane (Owner of the show)
Amber (Death angel) (Like a grimgripear, except kills you in such pain instead of peace). .. Yes I made that up.. Kind of..
Lyra (An angel... She doesn't happen to be in it much).
Olivia (My girl, She has a unique power which she has yet to learn. One of Whig is speed, levitation and has the power to control lightning and fire). [Not controlling elements btw).

So, want the blurb??

Olivia find strange things happening to her and her family. Her father goes missing when she is young... But why? Olivia needs answers but she can feel herself changing rapidly. She gets into a fight with her mother and sets the kitchen up on fire causing her mother great injuries. She needs to get out of there... She comes across a strange village on the mountainside called Dragon Cove. She finds people so like her, and yet so different. Can they solve her problems!? Things are going fine until a death Carriage pulls up....

WELL? comment if you think I should write it!!! Please??:)


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