Ash And May Love Story 2

Part 2 Right Here Folks Hope You Enjoy!

Chapter 1

part 2

The music band started to play, Ash was in his suit, May was walking down the idle and the people where standing, yep that’s right it was the two cuties wedding day. “May, You ,You look BEAUTIFUL!” Ash exclaimed. “thank you Ash, you are charming your self.” May replied. The Priest opened his book and began to read. “Do you Ash, Take May to be your local wedded wife, to take care of when sick and healthy, rich or poor till death?”
The priest asked. “I Do!” Ash Answered. “and Do You May, Take Ash to be your local wedded husband, to take care of when sick and healthy, rich or poor till death?” The priest asked May. “I DO I DO I DO!” She said. “then Ash You shall Kiss the Bride..” Ash went up to May and flipped the vale from her face into her hair and kissed her with his cheeks read as a tomato, May did the same. The crowed cheered with joy and Ashes parents were crying, as for May her parents died when she turned 17, she knew they were looking down at her smiling with pride to see her daughters big day.

1 Year Later…(now their both 19)

Ash was playing with Pikachu and Evee while the other Pokémon where fast asleep and suddenly May came out of the front door. “Hello Beautiful” Ash greeted May. “Hi” May replied. “Ash, I got some news please don’t get angry!” May told ash. “what is it?” he asked her. “I’m Pregnant!” May answered her husband. “Really?, That’s Great News!” He yelled. Pikachu and Evee where cheering with joy and Ash ran up to May and hugged her tight. “your not ma?” May Asked Ash. “why Would I Be? You have gave me a child!” he replied “May you know what this means, I’m going to be a daddy and you’re a mommy!” he told her. Ash bent down and looked at May’s stomach “hello my child I cannot wait till your born!” Ash told his unborn baby. May just stood there and giggled at her husband and hugged him. “Pika Pika” Pikachu Exclaimed “Evee Evee!” Evee cried. “and you two are going to be uncle and aunty” May told the two Pokémon. “ I cannot wait!” Ash sighed

Part 2 coming soon…..


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