Love Lost in a Forbidden Valley (Chapter 17)

FINALLY!!!!!!! Heck Yes . . . .Chapter 17 is out and I am Back.
Please Enjoy , even though its a filler. Next chapter will be ACTION PACKED.
And I can say that there will be similarities from the last book in that chapter. How's that going to work out??? Hmmm... we will see.

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Chapter 1

Heart to Hearts

by: kinewnew
Light snores filled my ear, an arm draped over my waist. A smiled crept on my face, his arm felt right there. This is the way it should be, it should always be, like one big happy family. Draco started to stir, his eyes slowly opening and looking directly into mines. Matching Smiles on either face.

“Morning,” his voice was groggy. His arm pulled me closer, his lips not failing to find mine.

“Ew, Daddy stop kissing Mommy,” Scorpius bellowed, obviously wide awake. I
broke away from Draco, blushing slightly.

“Can mommy kiss Scorpius?” I asked while placing my lips on to his little
forehead. His cute little giggles filling the room.

“Mommy, are me, you, daddy going to play today,” he asked me, his eyes filled
with hope.

I sighed, “No Scorp, not today. I have to go Mr. Snape,” I told him.

“Can I go too,” I looked at him confused, he thought Snape was scary.

“Um, of course you can,” I told him uncertainly. I stood, bringing Draco up with
me in the process.

“You know you can stay with me, I’m sure Snape wouldn’t mind.” He whispered
in my ear. I smiled and pressed my lips onto his.

“As much as I would like that, I think I’m going to go with Snape today.” I told
him, still smiling.

I grabbed Scorpius’s hand and exited the room.

Snape was already in the Basement waiting.

“Adriana,” he said with a quick nod.

“Hi Severus,” she said, a small smile on her face. It’s been weeks, since her
first encounter with Snape. She grew a certain fondness for him as they
progressed. Maybe it was the determination of his teaching, that she appreciated.

“Adriana, before we start I need you to understand,” Severus told her.

A wave of nervousness flooded through her, “Understand what?” She questioned.

“I was not under the orders to teach you by who you think I was, although I
cannot tell you be who, but understand that it is all with good purpose. Also under new order, this will be our last meeting. But just because this is the last of me teaching you, does not mean I would like for you to not continue practicing on your own.”

She smiled awkwardly, “Well thanks Severus,”

His lips curled up a little, “You remind me of Lily,” he voice was almost inaudible.

The smile on her face faltered a bit. Her mouth was suddenly lost for words. She knew how he felt about Harry’s mother; it shocked her that he would actually say something like that to her. She walked towards him and wrapped her arms around him. Shockingly his arms curled around her as well.

“Severus. . .” was all that escaped her lips.

He unraveled his arms, and cleared his throat awkwardly, “We should start the

She nodded, and pulled at her wand.

Draco’s POV

“Father, you wanted to see me?” I asked, entering his dining room.

He motioned to one of the chairs, “Draco, my son, as we are both aware the Dark Lord has asked you to get closer to Adriana. From what I’ve examined, that seems to be going very well. Now the Dark Lord has a new mission for you, from what we understand, Scorpius has had a tantrum not long along that involved you. The Dark Lord wants you to get closer to him, as you have with his mother.”

I stared at him for a while as his words settled in my head. It confuses me why
Voldemort would want care so strongly about my emotional ties with my family. Not that I oppose or anything, it’s just… questioning.

“Yes father, I will do it,”

Adriana’s POV

“Mommy when are we going to see Mr. Snape again,” Scorpius asked as we entered our room.

“I don’t know Honey, I really don’t know,” I told him.

“What’s wrong,” Draco asked as he came in, noticing our melancholy

“Today was our last meeting with Snape,” I answered him.

Confusion filled his face, “Why is that upsetting you,”

“Because, Severus isn’t as bad as I deemed him to be,”

“Severus? The man that killed Dumbl…” Draco started, but quickly closed his
mouth as he saw my expression.

“Draco don’t you dare! If he wasn’t there, then who would have done it? You!” My
face was hot, anger filling my body.

I saw him sigh, “Adriana—”

“No Draco, I can’t believe you brought that up with me. I will never forget that
day, the day I almost lost my so—”

The door opened, and Travers stood in the door way. “Heated discussion I see.
Master Malfoy, Miss Smith you are both wanted downstairs."

I huffed and took Scorpius hand as we exited the room behind Travers. My mind was flowing with the conversation Draco and I were having prior to Travers interrupting us. When we reached the Foyer, my heart literally caught in my throat, and I Scorpius was convulsing with excitement. There standing very conspicuously was Ron, Hermione, and what I could expect was a very battered up Harry.


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