Ash and May Love Story 3

part 3 omg!

Chapter 1

part 3

At Midnight…
May and Ash were sleeping like a log and out of nowhere May woke up with a harsh scream. “May!” Ash yelled “what’s wrong?” he panicked. “I had an nightmare about team rocket, never mind about it” she replied. “ok but was Misty in it?” ash asked nervously. “Misty, no, why?” she asked angrily. “ahahaha, no reason May not like I still like her or anything” he said suspiciously. May turned around and shut her eyes as a tsunami of tears came running down from her eyes, she thought Ash was still in love with Misty or he was having an affair with her and knowing she was having Ash’s baby was even worse if what May’s thinking of is true. “I’m going to sleep on the couch.” May cried. “May are you ok?, is it because I mentioned Misty?” Ash asked with a worried voice. “oh no, no at all” she cried and power walked down the stairs of their house crying. Pikachu came running to Ash with a gloomy face. “Pikachu, what did I say wrong? I didn’t mean to hurt her” Ash told Pikachu. “Pika Pika!” Pikachu cried. “you’re right, she probably thinks I’m still in a relationship with Misty” he whispered to his friend. Ash came running down the stairs with Pikachu running behind him while May was laying on the couch crying and hugging Evee “May I know what your thinking and its not true I promise” Ash exclaimed. “Ash?” May said “May I never ment to hurt you” Ash said. The two hugged and hugged and hugged and hugged till their arms were worn out “May?” Ash Whispered. “Yes my love’ what is it” May Asked. “I love you and I’ll never ever leave you till I die!” Ash exclaimed “I’ll shall do the same my love” May replied.

Nine months later…
“ARGH!” May screamed popping out of her bed. “May what’s wrong?” he asked May. “MY WATER BROKE!” May yelled. “OMG OMG I’M GOING TO BE A DADDY SOON, QUICK I’LL TAKE YOU INTO THE CAR!” Ash panicked. Ash quickly drove his wife to hospital and the midwife did the rest.

A long, long while later…
“congratulations May, you have a boy!” the midwife told May and Ash. The midwife placed the child into May’s arms and the two lovers stared at each other. “can you believe our love has created this Ash?” May asked her husband. “always did” Ash replied. “what shall we name him?” Ash asked. “how about… Aaron?” May Asked “I think it sounds perfect, baby Aaron, welcome to the world” Ash greeted his son. May giggled and stopped half way through till she saw a familiar woman walking by. May nudge Ash. “what’s the matter baby?” Ash asked his wife. “look” she whispered. The two looked at the woman and saw that it was MISTY!. Misty looked at them and saw them staring at her, her face went cross and she walked away.

Part 4 out soon!


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