The Assassins Revenge

About a girl who has a rough childhood because both her parents were murdered and she hasnt stopped looking for the people that killed them since the age of 16. She is now 20 years old and getting close to her target..... Please comment if you want me to write moree!! Thanks..

Chapter 1

The Escape!

I stood there on the edge of the building, looking for Him. The man that will lead me to my final target. As my eyes darted back and forth untill finally the rested on him. He was dressed in the usuall uniform with quite a lot of armour on him and he was surrounded by guards each carrying a spear or a sword. "Damn it...he must of known i was coming, better do it quick then." I muttered. I slowly dropped from the edge, not making a sound. Then i decided to go in for the kill. I ran as fast as I could, getting closer to my target at every step I took, dodging the arrows that were coming for me and weaving in and out of the guards, swiftly missing there hits. Then there he was standing in front of me. He face was pale and his eyes were full of fear. He tried to make a run for it but it was too late... I leaped foward as my hidden blade came out. One hand out foward to get him to the ground and other already in his back. Blood was dripping through my blade and spreading rapidly around his back. Time froze as my blade came out, I looked down just in time to see his face emotionless and even more pale from the blood loss."Rest In Peace" I whispered in his ear just as the life began to fade from his face.Time went back to normal just to see a pack of guards running at me, weapons in there hands ready to attack. I ran as fast as I can towards a building and started to scale it, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. I was loosing them. "Come back here..." "I will get you..." "You cannot hide forever..." Was all i could hear as I ran, their voices getting quiter in the distance. I stopped at a rooftop to catch my breath. "That was close.." I said just as i was about to sit down. "Yes...Very close". I hear a gun click behind me. I turn around and see one of the guards layered with armour and armed with a gun. I froze, not knowing what to do. Suddenly a loud gunshot breaks the silence. I looked down at myself confused - I wasnt shot but as I look up I see the guard falling foward and see another man behind him with what looks like his hidden pistol out and with a hood covering his eyes like me. He wore long tunic with a red belt and a symbol on it, one that I recognise. He also had a cape on his left shoulder, one that went just below his fingertips...again just like me. He also had variety of weapons on him including a crossbow, sword, dagger, a few knives on his belt and two hidden blades. TWO!! He started to walk towards still with his hidden pistol out. Fear started to overtake. I was actually scared, I didnt know what to do. Was he going to kill me...Why? I dont even know him....

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