Ash And May Love Story 4 FINAL PART

Hey People, This Is The Last Chapter Of My Story Hope You Enjoy

Love Always:
May Loves Ash

Chapter 1

Part 4

“WOW!, I haven’t seen her since high school.” May said amazingly. Ash frowned and looked at Pikachu. “Pika, Pika!” cried Pikachu. “Ash I think he senses Misty” she whispered. And out of nowhere the old popular high school bully arrived and pushed Evee aside roughly. “Move over freak!” Misty yelled. Evee ran and hugged Pikachu tightly and didn’t let go. “ARGHH” May cried. “hey losers, long time to see, so you had a baby with my ex, pathetic” Misty laughed. “Misty, you have no right to be here and I’m glad to be with May” Ash growled. “oh really, is that so?, then why does it say public hospital?” asked Misty. “if you haven’t notice, this is a private room you dog!” May snapped. “now leave us and our baby alone” Ash yelled. “OMG, it looks as ugly as you both and your Pokémon” Misty assaulted. “oh really?, at least we weren’t on the schools most biggest butt list right Ash?” May asked. “right!” Ash replied. “GRR!” Misty growled. “and at least we are married and have a family aren’t like you!, you don’t even have a boyfriend I bet!” Ash yelled. “Pathetic!, I do his name is Rocco and we’ve been dating since we were 18 and we do have a kid, I had it a year ago” Misty sail proudly. “yeah as soon as you went on your first date, that’s why because you got pregnant and had to date him!” May added. Ash laughed so hard at Mays joke he couldn’t breath no more. “you freak at least I’m loved” Misty added on. “so am I douche bag!” May yelled. “now be gone!” Ash yelled. Misty’s face was red as an tomato and she stormed out of the room stomping her feet, she was screaming so loud, the security had to drag her out of the hospital. Every body was looking at Misty like she was a psycho. “I WILL GET MY REVENGE!!!” Misty cried . “ok?” May whispered.

10 years Later…
“Mom!, I’m hungry!” Aaron yelled. “I’m coming sweetie” May yelled. May bran her son a cheese and tomato sandwich and Aaron ate it aggressively. “I’m going to eat you Misty!” Aaron said with his mouth full. May giggled “remember son don’t eat with your mouth full”. May reminded his son. “sorry mom” he apologized. May smiled. “hi honey, I caught a shaymin this time!” Ash exclaimed. “cool dad!” Aaron yelled. “well done babe” May said and kissed her husband softly. “EW, MOM, DAD, GROSS!” Aaron cried. “sorry son” Ash said. “Wow, remember May, when we first became together that was 13 years ago”. Ash asked May. Yep, now 13 years later we have a lot of regular and legendary Pokémon, have a son, and were married, away from Misty and have one big family” May sighed. “hey guys lets go catch some Pokémon!” Aaron yelled. “alright” Ash agreed. “Lets go!” May added. “Pika, Pika” Pikachu cried. “Evee, Evee!” Added Evee. The family flew out the door and went to catch some Pokémon.



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