Quibble trail (survey)

Because I've received 4 of these in my inbox.
Might as well do it...

Chapter 1

yup. here we go.

by: m3rcy616
Name: Mercy
Age: 19
Birthday: January 14th
Location: Parents' house (I move out this weekend. so this technically isn't my house anymore)
Favorite Food: pasta, salads
Favorite Drink: tea, doctor pepper, rootbeer. (And the A -drinks, as my friend calls them, from time to time, if I'm in a party mood)
Favorite Color: hot pink, black, purple, silver
Favorite Book: White Oleander - Janet Fitch
Favorite Movie: The Fifth Element
Favorite TV Show: Metalocalypse and NY Ink.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 122lbs last I checked.
Hair Color: black, but needs to be redyed.
Eye Color: blue
Favorite Website: facebook I guess
Favorite Possession: My cell phone
Pet- my cats. (Casper- nicknamed Velcro-, the kitten who's moving with me, and Bobby, who's staying with my mom)
Family Members- my mom, my little sister and my mom's side of the bloodline are the only ones that feel like family. I adore my mothers side of the family, they're where my genetics come from, after all. (my mom's still married to my dad, in case I made it seem otherwise)
Favorite Number- 616, 13 and 6.
Favorite thing about myself- my tattoos
Least Favorite thing- my tenancy to get verbally abusive when frustrated.
Other- "I got cat class and I got cat style"


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