The Wanderers (A original fantasy)

Written by two authors, myself (TeamGryffindor) and a friend (who, unfortunately, is not a Quibblo native).

Chapter 1

The Gifted (Prologue)

Setting: The future. It is post-apocalyptic, and the world is still in ruins after the horrendous tsunami that swallowed all of Earth's land. The water has dried up, leaving behind a sodden and barren land that houses barely any remnants of the past world. There is one utopian civilization, though, created in the middle of what used to be North America, far into an evergreen forest and away from the deadly seas we have trusted for so long. This civilization houses the remaining civilians, who are trying to develop a better society for all.

Plot: A long time ago, a horrific apocalypse occurred. The wild seas swallowed the earth whole, leaving behind a rough ocean desert. A genetic pool of invidividuals have been chosen to survive, housed in "arks" that simply floated upon the rough seas and survived the Apocalypse, which lasted for a long 50 years. The pool of inviduals consisted of 5-10 people. How did the individuals survive? Loaded upon each ark (there were 3 arks in all) were food supplies fit to feed 10 families for a century (which, you can imagine, is an extremely large amount). Once the oceans receded, and the arks hit rock bottom, the gigantic ships were far apart, unable to relocate the other with a diminished means of communication. The pool of individuals, who had multiplied in numbers in the lingering 50 years, had created separate societies for themselves. A few sparse members of these societies set off to find the other societies in hope of uniting humanity again. They have never succeeded.

Meanwhile, in the subsequent 1000 years, kingdoms have developed, plentiful with means of inner trade and necessities, each kingdom pertaining to each original ark. The technology is still dumbed down, though, having been totally wiped out in the tsunami. The kingdoms have evolutionized and developed to the barren environment, developing gifts and powers. Still, though, the kingdoms plan to find each other and unite humanity once more.

Characters: Kingdoms are similar in citizen structure. There are the Royals, high-powered individuals directly descended from the original pool of surviving humans. They are taught to be wise although they can be arrogant and stubborn and ignorant in decisions. Royals totally control the Kingdom, although they are closely monitored by the Nobles.

Nobles are high-powered invidividuals close to the Royals, but not direct descendants of the Originals. They are like the Royals' Council, aiding in decisions. Some Nobles, though, are bloodthirsty and are ready to overthrow the Royals at the ready.

Under Nobles are the Citizens, regular citizens of the Kingdom who undergo usually day operations, selling and trading and going about their usual business.Citizens are usually financially modest and usually receive the day's necessities.

Under the Citizens are the Servants. Servants can either serve in Noble homes, Upper Citizen homes, or the Castle (the Royal residence). Servants are usually lower than Citizens in financial standing but receive enough to (just barely) feed themselves and family.

Under the Servants are the Laborers. Laborers tend to work in farms and tend to be scattered in the outer stretches of the Kingdom. They are about the same as Servants in financial standing.

Then under the Laborers are Nothings. Refusing to participate in Kingdom activity, create a job, and become an active member of the so-called "utopian society," Nothings tend to be outcasts and stragglers. They are low or broke in financial standing.

The Kingdom's people are usually divided into two groups--the Gifted and the Non-Gifted. The Gifted, are, obviously, Gifted with certain abilities, these abilities inherited from the ascension. But, since the Originals were Non-Gifted, the Non-Gifted gene had been passed down as well as a recessive gene. This gene can be unveiled in Non-Gifted people. Since Royals are directly descending from the Originals, they are mostly Non-Gifted, but sometimes a rare Royal develops a Gift.

There tends to be an unannounced bias between the Gifted and the Non-Gifted.

Abilities: At a young age (from 4-7, depending on genetics), the Gifted begin to develop their Gifts. These Gifts range from 1-3 Gifts per person, in which the Gifts are closely related to each other in some ways. The Gifts tend to be the strongest in the 18-30 age range. Younger than 18 the Gifts are still a little weak but developing, and after 30 usage of Gifts weaken the user very much.
Although the Gifted may receive Gifts such as telekinesis, water manipulation, and such, Non Gifteds can develop talents in areas such as smithing, engineering, architecture, and such.

Places: There are 3 kingdoms in all. The first kingdom is the Solei kingdom-- a kingdom located in a hot place (former South Africa). The individuals are tan and wear minimal clothing. Solei is a fierce, strong kingdom. Solei residents tend to be determined strong fighters who are hardheaded and stubborn.

The second kingdom is the Terra kingdom-- a kingdom located in a cool, green place (former Macchu Picchu). The indviduals are ivory-skinned and wear simple, humble clothing. The kingdom is a peaceful, tranquil, and philosophical kingdom. The residents tend to be wise and kind. The Terra kingdom are good farmers and produce fertile crops.

The third kingdom is the Cryo kingdom-- a kingdom located in an icy, white place (former Canada). The invididuals are pale and albino in color. The kingdom is a fairly diverse kingdom, with stubborn and tranquil residents alike. The kingdom is a technological, more advanced kingdom than the other primitive, simple kingdoms. The Cryos tend to be extremely smart in mechanics and architecture.


It is mid-summer. A group of Wanderers, people who are sent to find the other Kingdoms, from the Cryo kingdom go out on a journey.

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