My Heart, My Soul, My Prankster (A Fred & George Weasley Love Story)

My Heart, My Soul, My Prankster (A Fred & George Weasley Love Story)

This is a group story with me (wearetheHPgeneration & KristynLynn! (:) BTW We are in Harry's Year but Fred & George are only a year older than us! & it doesnt follow the book story line! The HP characters except for the ones we made belong to J.K. Rowling as well as Hogwarts & blah blah blah! lol :P Well....Enjoy! & Please comment!!!!(: Thanks!
Bloody Love you all,
~Faith & KristynLynn!(:

Chapter 1

Returning to Hogwarts

Character Info:
Name: Alessandra Marie Walker (aka Alessa Les or Lessy)
House: Slytherin
Year: 5th
Age: 15
Appearance: Shoulder length dirty/medium blonde hair, emerald green eye, about 5’2 or 5’3 slender & curvy with a slight athletic build. Also very beautiful.
Sports: Chaser for the Slytherin Quidditch team
Parents: Jeanette & Vincent Walker
Best Friends: Fred, George, & Nynette(:
Other: Is very talented at charms & potions & is top of her class in DADA loves to pull pranks & make new ones. Her parents are both Death Eaters, Nynette has been her best friend for as long as she can remember (they basically grew up together) She always tries to see the good in others & loves to feel beautiful & often wears heels because she likes them & they make her look taller. She doesn’t care what people think of her besides her closest friends & family.
Patronus: Hypogriffe
Wand: 12in. Willow with Dragon heartstring core.
Blood Status: Pureblood (not that it matters because she doesn’t care about blood status & thinks its very hypocritical)

Mum! Dad! Cmon! I shouted running through Kings Cross station towards Platform 9 3/4, I promised Nynette Id meet her so we could board the train together! They laughed shaking their heads at me as I continued to race through the station & crossed to the platform. In from of me was the train that never ceased to amaze me, The Hogwarts Express. My parents crossed through to the platform & I ran up to them kissing them each on the cheek telling them goodbye & gathering my trunks to go find Nynette. Where is she? I thought as I searched the station for her. Finally after several minutes I found her familiar mop of blonde wavy hair. NYNETTE I shouted running towards trying not to drop my trunks. ALESSA! she shouted racing to meet me. I set down my trunks & we hugged. I missed you so much! we both said in unison laughing & pulling away from each other. Here let me help you with that. Nynette said grabbing one of my trunks as we both walked towards her parents. Hey mum, hi dad! I said running up & hugging Nynettes parents. Ive known them practically my whole life & they are like my second parents so I always refer to them as mum & dad. They laughed & hugged me back. Alessa, it so good to see you again! Nynettes mother Dezirae said to me with a big smile on her face. Oh its great to see you too! I said nudging Nynette & nodding to my right. She followed my gaze & found who I was looking at, Fred & George, our two best friends. I put a finger to my lips & motioned for her to quietly follow my lead. She caught on quickly as we both snuck closer to the twins. When we were right behind them we looked at each other one, two, three I counted off on my fingers. On three I launched myself at George & she followed suit jumping at Fred, covering their eyes with our hands. Guess who! we shouted in unison trying to disguise our voices so they would figure out it was us. Nynette, Fred said laughing as he reached behind him & began tickling Nynette. & Lessy George said echoing his brothers laugh as he suddenly turned around breaking himself free of my grip & tackling me to the ground in a hug. We were both laughing at this point. I could hear Nynette squealing as Fred tickled her laughing his butt off. George & I laughed harder as he finally got off me & helped me up pulling me into another tight hug. We both pulled away & saw Fred help Nynette up & pull her into a hug. Hey Fred! I said hugging him once he was done hugging her. Nynette went & hugged George as well & we all went to grab our trunks & boarded the train. You girls find a compartment, we want to say goodbye to our parents & check on Ron & Ginny Fred & George said in unison walking back towards the front of the train. I shook my head as I follow Nynette to find a compartment. Once we found one towards the back of the train we got settled & began to catch up talking about our Summers & how we wish wed seen each other more. We had just started talking about new pranks we had invented over the holiday when Our exes Blaise & Draco entered our compartment. What do you want Draco? I said coldly. He just smiled at me & they both took a step closer to us. We both stood up to tell them to leave when they looked at each other mischievously & then pounced on us pining us against the compartment. Draco started to kiss me & I tried to break free of his grip but he was just to strong. I turned my face away from him scared & mad about what he was doing to me. What do you want Draco? I asked him in a harsh voice. I want you to take me back Alessa he said with a cocky smile on his face. Never! I spit at him sickened at the very thought. I wanted to know what was happening to Nynette but Draco blocked my view of her, I had a feeling Blaise was doing the same thing to her. Fine, I guess Ill have to convince you otherwise. he said devilishly & began kissing & sucking on my neck. I continued to struggle & attempted to scream for help but nothing came out. I was beginning to become fearful of where his actions were leading when Fred & George bursted into the compartment. What the blood h3ll is going on in here?! Fred said in astonishment. Get your bloody hands off them! George shouted pouncing on Draco & wrestling him off of me. Fred did the same to Blaise, both getting in a few good punches before throwing them out of the compartment. Nynette & I sat down on opposite sides of the compartment as this went on. What the Bloody h3ll happened?! they both said angrily, George sitting down by me & Fred by Nynette. I dont know! Nynette said her voice shaking as she threw her arms around Fred crying into his shoulder. They just came into our compartment & tried to force themselves on us! I finished for her as I too began to cry. George pulled me into a hug & I cried into his neck. After I was done I looked to see Nynette asleep on Freds shoulder. I smiled & laid my head on Georges chest slowly drifting to sleep. I awoke to George gently shaking me & telling me we were almost to Hogwarts & needed to change, I stretched & sat up & saw Nynette doing the same. We asked the twins to leave so we could change into our robes. Nynette began to take her robes out of her suitcase while I used various spells to change my makeup, fix my hair, put on my jewelry, & dress me in my uniform. (Outfit: I sat & waited for Nynette to finish getting ready. After she was done Fred & George came back in just in time for the train to stop, we collected our trunks, set them by the gate & boarded the carriage together. We laughed & joked all the way to the great hall. We then said goodbye to Fred & George & made our way to the Slytherin table taking our seats across from Astoria Greengrass the only other decent Slytherin in our house. The feast went like every other year, first years were sorted, Dumbledore spoke, we ate, & got smart remarks from Pug-face Parkinson. When it was over we walked over to Fred & George who were also making their way towards us.

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