Stay Away From Me ~ Blaise Zabini ~ Part 15

You know what I just realized? I have yet to include the title in the story. It was in one of the drafts, but it got deleted. Hmm... Oh well xP

This chapter's really just gonna be a filler.

Chapter 1

Dinner With the Minister

It was the fifth day of summer holiday that I receive Ron's letter.

I was eating breakfast and reading one of the Muggle books Hermione had suggested, Song of the Sparrow. My father sat across from me, reading the Prophet while shaking his head. I didn't really listen as he ranted about whatever was going on in the media, though. My mother busied herself with preparing for a big dinner we were hosting that night - one that included the Minister himself.

"Belle, I want you to wear that nice blue dress, alright? There are a lot of big families coming tonight." she said, pulling out some pans. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a tight bun, meaning the house was in for a day of cleaning.

I nodded, not really listening.

"Amalie? Oh, where did she run off to? Amalie!" A small figure scuttled into the room, arms full of envelopers.

"Sorry, ma'am. Amalie was getting the post, ma'am. Four owls this morning, ma'am." Amalie was our house-elf. It took months of persuasion from my father for my mother to get one. After plenty of debate, they finally settled on giving her a room, pay, and all the free time requested.

My mother smiled at the little elf, taking the envelopes from her. "Have some breakfast. We've got a big day ahead of us."

Amalie plopped down next to me, helping herself to some waffles.

"This is for you, Belle." my mother handed me a small envelope, with Ron's handwriting on it.

How would you like to spend the summer at the Burrow with us? Hermione's here already. You can send your letter back whenever.
- Ron

A smile lit up my face. "Hey, mum? Could I spend the rest of summer at the Weasley's?" I asked.

My mother pursed her lips, thinking for a minute. "You'd miss a lot of functions..." she mumbled. Functions" referred to the many dinners she hosted as a way to make the family more popular.

"Aw, Maria. Just let her go." my father smiled at me, winking. We shared the same hair color, though that's where the similarities end.

"Oh, alright." I beamed, excusing myself to respond to Ron's letter.

Mum says yes. When do you want me over?
- Belle

*** *** *** *** ***

"Belle, the guests will be arriving any minute! Get down here!"

I sighed, closing my book. Looking in the mirror one last time, I checked that I looked presentable. My hair was in tight curls that fell around my face, and I was wearing a new blue dress my mother had bought me for Christmas. It was simple, but looked great.

"Oh, you look lovely darling."

"Thanks, mum." I muttered, not really in the mood to talk with snotty people all night.

As if on cue, the doorbell rang.

"Quick, quick! Get into the sitting room with your father!" my mother whispered, pushing me away, and then running for the door. I rushed into the sitting room, sat in one of the chairs and waited.

"Good evening, Lucius, Narcissa. I see you have Draco with you."

I looked to my father, confusion on my face. He shrugged, clearly unsure of why they were here. The Malfoys hated my parents.

"Hello, Maria." Lucius's voice answered.

"Tony is in the sitting room with Belle, just down the hall."

I know, Tony and Maria. But I had to. I just watched West Side Story!

The Malfoys walked into the room, looking out of place. My father strode over to them, stretching out his hand.

"Good evening, Lucius. How are you?"

"Fine, just fine. And you?"

As they exchanged idle chit-chat, I heard the doorbell ring once more.

"Ah, Cornelius! And who might this be?"

"Good evening, Maria. This is my nephew, Rufus. I hope you don't mind. His mother was busy tonight, so I..."

"It's fine! Welcome, Rufus. I'm Maria Waters. My husband, Tony, is in the other room with my daughter, Belle."

There was a bit more discussion, then the minister walked into the sitting room with a boy around my age standing at his side.

"Good evening, Cornelius!" The room started to seem smaller as more people walked in - no one I knew very well, though I think I recognized Cormac McLaggen.

"Belle, why don't you show Draco, Cormac and Rufus the back yard?" my mother called, obviously anxious to kick the kids out as more Ministry officials walked in.

"Sure," I said, taking the hint.

Draco and the others followed me out of the sitting room into the back yard. There wasn't really much to show off; a few fountains, Mum's garden...

After a while we all sat on the benches near the fountain of Apollo playing his lyre.

"So, anyone read the Prophet lately?" Cormac asked lightly.

I shook my head, but Draco smirked. "Of course. It looks like the Minister's finally realized that Dumbledore's an insane old bat." he laughed.

"Wait, what?" I looked between Cormac and Draco - the former wearing an expression of boredom, the latter smiling.

"You haven't heard? It's been all over. Everyone's saying Dumbledore's off his rocker."

"Why would they say something like that?" I murmured. Dumbledore was the greatest wizard I knew.

"Isn't it obvious?" Rufus spoke for the first time. His voice was deep and powerful, not what I expected from someone so young. "It's because he believes that attention-obsessed Potter."

*** *** *** *** ***

"Miss Belle! Miss Belle!" Amalie's shrill voice called through the door.

I crawled out of bed, opening the door. Amalie stumbled in, handing me a letter.

"Thanks." I mumbled. She bowed and left.

I opened the letter, immediately recognizing Ron's scrawl.

We'll be at your house on Sunday around five.
/ - Ron/


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