Lost Chapters and Stories

Here's where I'll put chapters that never really fit into stories I've written or stories I started but never finished.
LOST: I will probably never pursue these again, but there's always a slim chance I could pick up a story or idea for a while, you never know
Have fun reading my writing at my not-so-best

Chapter 1

From an original story I started writing but never got around to finishing titled "Brand New You", this is the first chapter....

You know what the best feeling in the world is? Laying uderneath clean sheets, all snuggled up in your fuzzy pajamas, while the rest of the people in the world are battling the snow on their driveway with shovels and praying they'll make it to work without slipping off of the icy road.
At least, this is my favorite feeling for now. It's beaten out my old favorite, stepping into air-conditioning, but only by a bit.
"Taylor!" my mother calls in a sing-song voice, rapping on my door. "You're going to be late!"
And the worst feeling in the world? Getting up.
I sigh and heave myself off of my bed to start a shower. While the water reaches the right temperature I whip my phone out and read my newest text from Daniel. It gives me chills.
Ready for 2nite babe? ;)
Yes. I am so ready for tonight. I've been stressing over this night for weeks, now I can finally get it over with.
After I look presentable I hurry downstairs to grab a granola bar that I can eat quickly before Heather shows up to give me a ride.
My dad glances up from his paper as I saunter in. "You're going to freeze to death," he mutters after taking in my mini-skirt.
I shrug and take a vigorous bite of my energy bar. "I'll only be outside for, like, five minutes today."
"Whatever you say. Don't forget our tennis match after school."
"Do I ever?" I ask with a small smile.
My father glances over the top of his paper at me again. Blue eyes meet blue eyes and I'm struck, as I usually am, by how much I resemble my father. We're both tall and blonde. We both have blue eyes and small dimples. High cheekbones, naturally nicely-shaped eyebrows. All in all I'd say we're both more-than-average looks-wise.
And looks aren't all we have. My dad is Clayton Cherek. Yes, the Clayton Cherek. He owns a ton of factories and small plots of land throughout the Midwest. A lot of his property is actually right here in Dasher, Iowa. He's easily the richest and most influential man in our town. Probably in the whole Midwest if they cared enough to check. Of course since he's so powerful my dad also has a few enemies. He's actually had a number of people thrown in jail or kicked out of their homes. He always makes jokes about how someone's going to find him and get revenge someday.
A car horn announces the arrival of my best friend Heather. I say a quick goodbye to my father before heading outside.
"Hey Taytay," Heather says with a big grin as I climb into the back seat of her car. One of our other friends, Sammy, is sitting in shotgun. "Ready for your big night?"
"Let's hope it's a big night," Sammy says with a snort.
I roll my eyes, "You're horrible."
She reaches back and pats my leg. "I'm just messing with you Tay. Settle down."
As we near the parking lot Heather speeds up. "We have to get the good row."
The only desirable parking spots in all of Dasher High are in the first few rows. Anything other than that are too far to constitute as acceptable. Especially for Heather.
I roll my eyes as she presses down on the pedal and glance out the window. Daniel's truck is in it's usual spot. Without realizing it I gasp. Maybe I am still a bit nervous about tonight....
To distract myself I pull my long, blonde hair into a ponytail and proceed to braid it. "Look! It's that weird guy, Kyle or Ken or whatever," Sammy says. "And he's going to take your spot."
"Not on my watch," Heather says, gritting her teeth. She speeds up even more and swerves into the spot that the boy was about to pull in to.
Heather sees him shaking his head in disgust and gives him a wave. No man on earth can resist when Heather Pullman flashes a smile their way. No man except Keith Days, the guy whose spot she just took.
Keith Days is a bit of an oddball. Every school has one. That guy people enjoy tripping in the halls. The one who always seems like he's dropping papers as he walks and getting his hair messed up and not bothering to fix it. Our Keith is editor of our paper, but that isn't necessarily something he has going for him since nobody reads it. He's tall, but not in a good way. It's like Keith is all angles, bony elbows, gangly arms and legs. There was a rumor going around last year that he has a six-pac. But I'm going to go out on a limb and say that was all just talk.
"He looks like he's going to kill us," Sammy says with a small giggle as Keith pulls his car away, glaring at us.
I roll my eyes and toss my newly braided hair behind my shoulder. "Relax Sammy. Who'd want to kill me?"

I weave around the bodies filling the lunchroom. Because that's what they all are. Brainless, loud, useless bodies that roam our school because that's what they're required to do until they somehow make it across the stage to reach their diploma.
Some big guy bumps into me. "Watch it!" I hiss. He sees who it is and holds his hands up in apology. I shake my head in disgust and shove past him. "Idiot."
I pass Daniel's table on the way to my own. He glances up and nods at me before going back to the conversation he's having with one of his friends. I decide to ignore that he just completely blew me off and hurry to the solace of my own friends. "It's a madhouse in here," I complain, taking my place next to Heather.
She shrugs, "Proabably because we just got back from Christmas vacation. They'll settle down eventually."
Sammy gives a small laugh. "Look who showed up. Francine."
Now Keith may be weird, but Francine takes the cake when it comes to anything unusual or pathetic. 'Freaky Frannie'. "Hi," she says quietly as she walks by, oblivioius of us all holding back laughs.
"Did you see her hair? It's all frizzy and..."
"And she has extensions. Bright purple extensions," Heather adds. Francine sits down at the table next to ours, blushing. I feel as though she's overheard us. "Freaky Frannie," Heather snorts.
"Freaky Fat Frannie," Sammy corrects her, eyeing the backside of our target.
Francine pushes away her cookie she was eating and pulls out a book. I can't help but wonder if she isn't eating because of us.
Oh well, it's not my problem.

The last bell rings and I hurry to the parking lot. Just as I'm about to step out one of the alarms goes off. Is there a fire? Well, good thing I'm by the door. I walk outside and glance around suspiciously. No smoke as far as I can see. Someone probably pulled the alarm again.
That's when I see him. A tall man, maybe in his late twenties or early thirties, standing next to the school wall. Was that what the alarm was about? Our intruder alert warning? Because he looks like he's waiting to pick up his underage girlfriend or something....
The man seems to notice me and pulls something out of his pocket. It takes a moment for me to process what it is.
A gun.
This guy has a gun.
I back away slowly before turning and running towards my car. I hear one shot, two.
And that's the last thing I hear.

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