Cause and Effect (A Marauder Era Hogwarts Fan-fiction)

Hello! Another story from me! This time it's about the Marauders. In answer to your questions I'm sure will come up, yes, this will be a love story, but that is not the main focus. Tell me what you think! All comments and criticism are, as usual, welcome and wanted. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

A Train Ride and a Sorting

Name: Alice 'Phoenix' Catherine Moore
Age: 15
Appearance: She's a Metamorphmagus, so whatever she wants ;)
Talents: Metamorphmagus, Animagus, very powerful
Personality: Alice can be very friendly or very mean. She's good with spells, so watch your back ;) She's brave, sly and cunning, very smart, and sticks up for her friends no matter what. She can also be very eccentric.
Blood Status: Pureblood
House: You'll have to wait for the Sorting ;)
Wand: Oak and Phoenix Feather
Back Story: Alice, or Phoenix, as she prefers (because of her Animagus form and wand core), has been home-schooled for her entire life by her father. He is a very strong wizard who was home-schooled himself. He strongly opposes Voldemort, and taught Alice everything he knows. He trained her to become an Animagus and how to use her wand very well. She was born an Animagus; both sides of her family were very powerful - and it didn't hurt that her grandmother was one, either. Her mother died just after she was born, so she grew up without her. Phoenix is entering her fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which her father suddenly enrolled her in. She asked no questions. This is her tale.

Outfit, in case you care:

"Come on, Dad, we'll miss the train!" I yelled behind me. My father and I had just arrived at King's Cross Station, London, and we had no clue where to go from here. All I knew was that it was 10:41 and I wasn't on the train to Hogwarts yet.

"Slow down!" Dad called, catching up to me. Looking down at my ticket, I read, "'Platform 9 3/4.' Is that even real? You're sure this is official, right Dad?"

He nodded. "Positive. The Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, sent this himself."

"Well, Hogwarts doesn't even sound like a real school name," I said. Looking around, I saw a boy with light-brown hair standing near the wall between platforms nine and ten, reading a list. He had a trunk with him on a trolley. "I'll be right back," I said, then ran over to the boy without a reply.

He looked up. "Can I help you?" he asked. He looked about my age. Closer up, I noticed scars on his face. I scrutinized him carefully before replying, "Yes, can you tell me how to get onto Platform Nine and Three Quarters, please?"

He smiled. "Just run through that wall there," he said, pointing at the wall he was next to in between the platforms.

"Thank you!" I said, then turned and walked back to my father. "Between those walls," I said. Father gave me an odd look.

"Er, are you sure - " he began. but I'd already grabbed my trolley and was running full-speed towards the wall. I closed my eyes at the moment I would've hit the brick, but felt nothing. In fact, when I looked up, I was standing in front of a Scarlet Train.

"The Hogwarts Express," Father said from behind me. He had my black owl, Storm, in his cage. We walked a little closer, to one of the doors, and Father came on and found me a compartment. He put my trunk and Storm's cage in it, then led me back off the train. I turned to him, getting a little emotional. I'd never been away from my father for longer than two days. How would I survive until Christmas?

"It'll be all right, Phoenix," he said. I smiled faintly and wrapped my arms around him. "I'll write often," he promised. I nodded into his shirt.

"I'll miss you, Dad," I said. "I love you."

"I love you, too. Now go!"

Laughing, I hopped back onto the train and into my compartment. The rest of the students were filing on, and after a few minutes (I'd gotten out Hogwarts, A History and started reading it already) I heard a knock at the door. Looking up, I saw the boy I'd asked how to get onto the platform earlier with three boys behind him.

"May we sit here?" he asked politely.

Smiling, I nodded. "I'm Alice, but call me Phoenix," I said.

"Sirius Black," a boy with long, wavy, almost-black hair said. he grinned at me. He claimed the seat across from me.

"James Potter," another boy with untidy back hair and hazel eyes behind glasses said, also grinning widely. He sat next to Sirius.

"Remus Lupin," the boy with the scars said. He took the seat next to me.

"Peter Pettigrew," a small, slightly fat boy with brown hair said, and he took the seat next to Remus.

"So, Phoenix," Remus said. "You look our age. How come we haven't seen you before?"

"My father taught me before,' I answered. "He decided to send me to Hogwarts this year. And if you're 15, then you are my age, and I'll be in your year."

"Yep," Sirius said. "We're all Gryffindors. What do you want to be?"

I considered that for a moment. "Not Slytherin," I decided. "I don't much like them/ Hufflepuff would be all right, but I'd prefer Ravenclaw or Gryffindor by far."

"Hope you're a Gryffindor," James said. "What makes you think you're smart enough to be a Ravenclaw, anyway?"

My eyes narrowed. "I know more spells than all of you put together," I said. "I know more about magic than you'll ever learn."

"Prove it."

"Do not challenge me," I warned. He said nothing, so I assumed he wasn't backing down. I grabbed my wand from my bag and whispered, "Complicatam armis!" It was a spell to make your opponent's arms fold behind their back in an unbreakable grasp. Only the caster could undo it. I smiled slightly as he struggled, the restraints getting tighter.

"All right, all right!" he said. "I believe you!"

I flicked my wand and the restraints disappeared. I scrunched up my face and my hair, which had been dark brown and to my mid-waist, turned deep purple and to my shoulders. They all blinked in shock, making me grin. "Oh, yeah. I'm a Metamorphmagus. Didn't I say?"

I concentrated on my eyes and turned them bright pink. It was fun to see their reactions. Soon they started requesting things; I happily obliged. That amused them for quite some time. After they were done, they started firing questions, which I answered as best I could. They were mostly about me, so it wasn't that hard.

"Oh," I said as I noticed the dimming light from the window. "Where can I change?"

"Right here," Sirius said. I ignored him and looked to Remus, who rolled his eyes.

"There are changing rooms down the hall," he said.

"Thank you." I quickly changed, avoiding the stares in the hallway. Purple hair, pink eyes, new student? Yeah, I got a lot of stares.

The rest of the ride I didn't speak much. We arrived at Hogsmeade Station soon after I changed, and (after refusing to go in the boats like a first-year) got into a carriage with James, Sirius, Peter, and Remus. I learned that they were known as the 'Marauders' at Hogwarts. I snickered a little when they told me.

I sat next to Remus again. I studied him in the dim light. I noticed the scars, thinking of where I had seen them before. Leaning in, I whispered, quietly enough so the others didn't hear me "Remus, do the others know you're a werewolf?"

His eyes widened and his head turned quickly. He stared at me with a shocked expression. "What do you mean?" he asked.

"Remus, my father taught me everything he knew," I said. "I know how to recognize a werewolf."

After a minute of hesitation, Remus nodded. "Yes, they know. But - if you knew, then why would you talk to me?"

I smiled. "Remus, not all werewolves are bad, you know. I'll trust you until you give me reason not to, which I doubt you will."

"What are you two whispering about over there?" Sirius asked. After giving a questioning glance to Remus and receiving a nod, I said, "Remus' being a werewolf."

They all looked as shocked as Remus had.

"Why did he tell you?" James demanded. "He didn't even tell us! We found out on our own!"

"He didn't tell me," I said simply. "I recognized the scars."


We didn't speak again until we reached Hogwarts. After staring in awe at everything I could see, I was puled aside by a severe-looking woman.

"Miss Moore," she said. "I am Professor McGonagall."

"Hello, Professor," I said.

"Now," she said, "you'll be Sorted before the first years. Come with me while I get them."

I followed her to the group of First Years. I didn't pay much attention to her, but walked quickly behind her into the Great Hall.

An old man with long, white hair and a matching beard smiled at me. There were faint flickers of auburn there, and he had clear blue eyes behind half-moon spectacles. I smiled aback, assuming this was Professor Dumbledore.

"Attention," McGonagall said. "We have a new Fifth Year named Alice Moore this year. She will be Sorted before the First Years. I expect you all to make her feel welcome."

I gave a small wave. McGonagall directed me to a stool. I sat down, and she placed on old-looking hat on my head. The Sorting Hat.

"Well, well, well," it said in my mind. "Where to put you... You would do well in all of the houses."

I'd prefer Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, please, I thought.

"Hmm. You would do well in Slytherin... But no, no, I see your reasoning, you are quite right. Let's see... A very keen mind, very talented, you are... But also brave. A defender of the weak. These traits are your strongest. Better be GRYFFINDOR!"

He had called this part our for the whole room to hear. I grinned and walked towards the raucous table that held the Marauders. I looked curiously at the ceiling that mimicked the night sky as the First Years were Sorted. Soon enough, the food appeared on the table. It was so delicious, and the amount of dishes there was amazing.

I could tell that Hogwarts was going to be amazing.

I'm sorry, I know it's a bit short and not too good, but it'll get better, I promise! Comments? Criticism? Ducks?

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