My Bucket List :D

Lots of people are making one, so I' making one :)

Chapter 1


1.) Fall in love...
2.)And have him love me back.
3.)See the Parthenon.
4.)Publish at least one book.
5.)Talk someone out of suiside-Check-
6.)Do something worthwhile for the community.
7.)Draw a really,really good manga picture.
8.)Travel to New York.
9.)Reach my ideal weight.
10.)Sing really good.
11.)Help somebody with a serious problem.
12.)Actually get over my depression.
13.)Prove that I'm good enough to myself,
14.)Meet somebody famous.(Kinda check...he died before he could make it to stardom)
15.)Have somebody sing me a song.
16.)Join choir again.
17.)Do something productive during the weekend.-Sorta check-
18.).....Recover from my r
19.)Have a child.
20.)Become a good mother, sister, and lover.
21.)Write a good poem.
22.)Write a song.
23.)See an angel.
24.)Get over my fear of the dark(haha, this will NEVER happen.)


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