My Racing Thoughts

My Racing Thoughts

"Georgie Porgie puddin' an' pie, kissed all the girls an' made 'em cry,
But when the boys came out to play, Georgie Porgie ran away."
Tehe, my dad used to say that a lot so I put it there because its uber cute :D (Im hyper today!!!!)
This is my George-> and You story, like Words of Love, Little Willow, and How Blind Can One Man Be? Its written in first person for my ease...
I hope you guys like it! It might take a while to post 'cuz I'm kinda busy this upcoming week.
Ende :D

Chapter 1

Pass The Time...

I sat there staring up at the bushes, listening to my shallow breathing as I laid back and let the autumn air kiss my rosy pink cheeks.
''Gone,'' The world whispered around me. ''And you're left behind.''
Mum and dad... their love... Gone... for another.
It felt ridiculous, being jealous over the new baby. Being seven and losing your parents to another... one you'd never asked for. Losing the two people who didn't tease you and bully you. The two people who comforted you when you had a boo-boo and kissed away your tears.
''My heart cries out for loving...'' I sighed, closing my eyes to the world.
But there was that wailing inside, the one keeing me up all night. It was high pitched and louder than heII.
It was haunting, haunting and cruel and echoing in my mind over and over again. It was like a paper cut with hand sanitizer in it, it stung.
"Shut up!" I scream clutching my head and tossing violently onto my stomach.
''Make it stop, God please make it stop!''
"Alright?" I look up suddenly, greeted by no one, chin in the palms of my hands.
I looked around but I could see no one, save the rustling of the bushes infront of me. The big green towering bushes...
They were a wall, keeping all the pain inside and letting the world see nothing outside. They were as dangerous as they were safe...
"Hey, are you alright?" The voice asks again.
"Yeah?" I get up and try to move the rustling to see someone on the other side.
"God." He laughs, a sweet sound to the screaming and crying inside the house... like peace on the battle field.
I smile, he had quiffed brown hair and darker brown eyes, ears peeking out from the sides of his head... they were too big... but cute.
"Do you plan on growing into those?" I ask smiling and pulling leaves off his clothes.
He laughed, "I got plenty o' time. I'm only nine."
I smile wider, "I'm seven."
"I've never seen you around here 'fore. Are you new?" He asks smiling and ruffling the hair on the back of his head to get the leaves out.
''He'd tried climbing through them? To see me?''
"No. I've never seen the other side of those bushes, this is the first time. Mummy and daddy don't let me out here." I say shrugging, thinking less than nothing of it.
His eyes go wide. "Really?"
I smile and shrug again, "Yeah. They say the world hurts too much."
His face goes back to a solid somber look, not emotionless or sad but... calm. Peaceful.
And a loud wail and crash comes from behind the bushes.
"What's going on in there?" His voice is hard and his g's are very distinct... its cute... like those ears of his.
I smile thinking through his presence, long black slacks and a button up white shirt, a bright blue tie and scuffed up looking black dress shoes.
"My baby brother just came home." I look over him, he was skeptically watching the bushes and paying no attention to me.
"Oh." He nods looking back to me.
Another loud crash and the door slams into the side of the house. "(Your Name) !!!"
I feel my jaws drop, eyes going wide in panic. What would they do if they found out I was on the other side?!
"I gotta go!" I say jumping through the bushes that seperated two worlds, mine and his.
"George Harold Harrison!" A voice screeched.
"George..." I smile, darting across the lawn and into the house.
"Where on ''Earth'' have you been?!" Daddy yells, hands clenched by his sides and face red in fury.
"Outside." I rock back and forth on my feet, trying to look innocent.
"I looked everywhere for you and you were nowhere to be seen." he growls, getting lower and in my face.
"I was out there laying under the bush daddy, open your eyes next time." I say watching his face turn purple and seethe in anger.
And then his hands grab my shirt and toss me aside like I weigh nothing.
My head is pounding and my arm stings and daddy just leaves me there, walking out to help mummy with the screaming baby that was tearing us all apart.
So I start to cry, cry hard and long and grasp that bleeding slice in my arm waiting for someone to notice me. No one does, daddy and mummy come and go and ignore me with every venture to the kitchen and I don't move. Not at all.
But eventually I do fall asleep.
A deep cold hard sleep in a small pool of my own blood...
How comforting.

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