The Horse Of Neverland

The Horse Of Neverland

This IS a Michael Jackson story, mainly mystery, drama, and suspense.
Will there be love?? The answer for that will unfold.
The main girl is Baylaa, she is 29. You will find out more about her throughout.
Of course there is Michael, which is in his Dangerous era. Right after the Dangerous tour.
Enjoy, rate, and comment.

Chapter 1

What Seems Like An End, Is The Beginning

"You are under arrest for the murder of three young women. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law." Baylaa said as she handcuffed the murderer that she had been after for so long.
She had been chasing him since the year of 84, in a pursue of justice to see that this monster be locked behind bars for good.
"Your making a big mistake, Baylaa." He spat her name as she shoved him in the car.
"The mistake was of your making when you shot those women, now shut up and hold on. Oh wait, you can't, your in cuffs." She smirked and slammed the door of the high dollar undercover FBI agent car that she was awarded for her bravery.
Yes she was a girl but she was tough. Being in the FBI isn't easy.
Once she got back to the jailhouse with the prisoner she got him out and threw him in his little room that he would hopefully be stuck in for the rest of his miserable life.
"Have fun." She said as she shut the door and locked the tight bolts.
"See you soon." He said to himself and smiled evilly.
He brought a book of dark magic out from under his bed.
It seemed that it had been set up for him by one of his buddies that used to be in the same room.
He studied for months practicing on furniture and prison guards.
Finally he knew he was ready.
He set up an escape plan, planning his perfect fate for dear Baylaa.
He broke out of jail, making a quick haste towards her home at about 1:00 o'clock in the morning.
Baylaa was asleep, unaware of what was going on at her back door.
She had forgotten to lock it, so the man crept in with ease.
He slowly made his way to her room, making sure every step he took was gentle.
He stood over her, staring at her sweet face.
Then started with his dark powers.
"You took my life away, now I am going to take yours. Hope you enjoy your eternal death." He whispered to himself.
She woke up but it was too late. He had finished the spell.
She screamed in agony and fell to the floor.
But then he had realized that he had done something wrong.
Something messed up. He ran in fear.

Something made the moonlight brighter that night.... Something strange.......

Hope you liked it!!!! Stay tuned for next chapter!! It will be soon!!!
Thanks, Bre

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