While My Guitar Gently Weeps: My tribute to my favorite musician ever :'(

I know his day of death isnt until next month, bu tI'm making a little tribute just to show my admiration and affection for this man and how much he's inspired me.
I just couldnt wait.
I'll be posting quotes about our sweet George on here almost every day.
At least I can get some of my sadnes out here. x(

Chapter 3


He is a charming, funny, easygoing boy, always full of energy. I love when he wears a simple pullover and blue jeans. Why do I love George? Because there are in him two personalities. The glamorous Beatle, all proud, driving his Aston-Martin, but also the young, carefree young man arriving with his toothbrush and a large paper bag with holes everywhere. A prince and a beatnik in one single person, I thought that didn’t exist.” - Pattie Boyd

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