Internship for love 10


Chapter 1

number 10.

"He's.....He's in a coma?" I ask, brain racing to the conclusion that he might be dead. I was in the hospital with Selene, Justin, Alex and....Leo. I couldn't bare go into the room he was in. Selene stood outside with me. ".....Yes." She sighs. My heart drops into the pit of my stomach. I collapse into the chair, and stare at the wall, to shocked even to cry. I slowly started realizing what happened. "This is my fault. My fault. All mine. Oh my God..." I whisper, repeating it over and over to myself. "No, it's not. You couldn't have done anything." Selene says, rubbing my back, and sitting next to me. I spoke in panicked, fast sentences. "Yes I could have! If we didn't break up, and see other people I would've never met Ethan and....he would have never gone to the bar and......and....." I felt the tears gather into my eyes. "Shhh...." Selene says, gently rocking my back and forth. This is all my fault. Leo might be dead because of me.
We sat there for a long time. Selene and I. Both of us. Quiet. Dead silence. The clock ticked on the wall. Tick, tick. Each time it ticked, something ate away at my heart. Pain. Pain you never could experience without love. Hours passed, until we heard the door open, and Justin, Alex, and a few other doctors walk out. I stand up immediately, and stand close to Justin. "Please tell me he's okay. Please, please! Please....please...." I beg, tears forming in my eyes again. He wraps his arms around me, and whispers. "It's okay. I promise you. He'll wake up. Now sit. You look like your walking half-dead." I swallow down the sadness, and force myself to sit back down. "I think I know what happened. He went to the bar, mad, furious even, got drunk, got into a fight, and things just went out of hand." Alex said, in a clam, smooth voice that I never heard from her. My body grew tired. Mentally, I wanted to stay up until Leo got up, physically, I was dead. "Medically...he suffered a hard blow to his head-" Justin stopped. "Do you....want to know?" He asked, after seeing my poor stance. "Yeah....I....I need to know." Gathering up all of what was left of my strength, I sat up, and looked at Justin. "Okay. So, he had a hard hit to his head, then probably fell back, and hit a table or something, causing the cut on his shoulder, and back of his head. Otherwise, bruises. Lots of bruises." He said, getting quiet near the end. "Can...Can I see him?" I asked, truly terrified on the inside. "Sure." Alex says, opening the door, and letting me in. "Should I come with you?" Selene asked me. I shake my head, and close the door behind me. My heart started pounding. I scan the bland room, then lay my eyes on Leo. His head was wrapped in gauze, and the only strands of hair were matted with reddish-brown blood. His eyes were closed, and one was slightly swollen. I slowly walked over to the side of his bed. I took hold of his cold hand, feeling my heart break. "I'm sorry...." I whisper, leaning down and gently kissing his cheek. I could bear it. I walked out, nearly sobbing. "I'm going home." I tell the others, and rush out of the hospital, tears rolling past my cheeks.
I quickly drive home. I walk down the small hallway tat connected all of the bedrooms. Alex's, Justin's, Selene's...Leo's. I walk over, and turn the knob. I hesitate before I open it, and breath in his smell. Images of him wrapped up flashed in my head, and I sit down on the chair, in case I got light headed. I look at the papers on his desk. I notice a small note, and pick it up. It read,
"Dear ___,
By now I'm probably in the hospital, not found by the police, or in a coma. Weird. A doctor in a coma. I went to the bar knowing that I wouldn't come back home. I knew I was going to get drunk, and get into a fight. But...I don't care. I don't care anymore. I can die at the bar, and really not care. I just lost control. I'm nothing right now. What are we, nine? We can talk it out. Please. Think about this. We can be together.

I love you.

P.S. I will wake up."

I clutched at the note, re-reading it over and over again.
I don't know when I fell asleep, but I know I woke up with a deep cloud of misery hanging over my head, and the note in my hand.
O_O I really feel bad for Leo now. But its all part of the plan ;)


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