Geenaw Hugs :)

Geenaw Hugs :)

Geena, I know you're not going to homecoming but if you were....
This is exactly how it would be ;b

And that picture I found says "True Luff" in big fancy letters, I found it on Google :D the kittehs have crowns and they're hugging eachother! Its so cute!^_^

Chapter 1

True Luffs!

by: __adeline
"So, Chris. Who are you taking to homecoming?" Asked Diane casually. She was driving Geena and Chris home from school. Chris is Geena's very true love, (I tried not to type luff, this story shall be formal ;b) minues Darren Criss, of course.
"No one," said Chris. "I don't think anyone would want to-"
"GEENA doesn't have a date either, the poor girl," Diane cut in. "Hey! Lightbulb! Why don't you two go together?"
Geena tried keeping her emotions together as Chris said "Sure, why not?" and got out of the car because Diane just stopped in front of his house.
They both exploded with happiness as he disappeared out of sight.

"What're you going to wear?! You have to wear something really nice when Chris kisses you, ya know, to get the mood going," said Diane going through Geena's closet.
"Yeah... wait, who said he was going to kiss me?!"
"Let's see... Geena... where are your dresses?! We need to go shopping!"
Geena sighed, Diane was so silly! Chris wouldn't kiss her! she thought, because she has such a low self-esteem even though she's beautiful and everyone else in the whole universe thinks so... especially Chris.

~Day of Homecoming... boy that went by fast!~
Geena stepped out of Diane's car, as she did many times before but feeling different this time, she feels pretty. (ahem. She IS pretty but I'm writing some of this as her thoughts, so she refuses to believe anything great about herself ;b)
Diane stepped out also, looking equally as gorgeous as Geena and with hooked arms the two best friends strolled in the gym. All heads turned as they opened the doors and walked aound, looking for their dates. Diane found hers right away, so Diane tugged Geena along to meet him. The three of them conversed for a bit but Geena started to feel like a third wheel. She also wanted to see Chris. She wanted to see if he was wearing a tux. And if he brought her a flower like Diane's date. And if he was going to askGeena to marry him like Addie always mentioned and asked her very often. Of course not, that's silly! she said to herself. Besides... my future husband is Darren Criss.
A second later, Geena felt the sleeve of her red dress being tugged.
"Geena... Chris!" Exclaimed her other friend, Ivory, excitedly.
She didn't need to say any further explanation. Chris, the true love, was coming her way. His hands beheld nothing. No flowers or a ring. He wasn't even wearing a suit! Just his pizza place uniform. But that didn't matter at all to Geena, because of what he had said to her when he approached her. (so smoofly ;D).
"I left work early," he whispered. Geena wouldn't have heard him if he was farther away, the music was so lod, but there wasn't much space between their faces.
"W-Why would you do that?" Geena asked sillily (yesh, a new word:))
"So I could be here with you!! You ARE my date after all."
Her cheeks turned pink and butterflies were fluttering around, using their tiny fists to punch the insides of Geena's stomach, which tickled her, so she giggled.
Chris smiled, Geena was so silly! As much as he enjoyed talking to her, though, he didn't want to stand around all this time. He took her hand in his. "Let's dance!" And without her approval he dragged her to the main floor. He began dancing awkwardly, and making her dance awkwardly. It was such a good time. They must've danced for about an hour. The music was so lively and pop-y and it made you want to move your butt. But then the music started going slower... the astmosphere changed completely. Looking around they both noticed couples getting closer together, clinging onto eachother. Geena took this as a cue to sit down, take a break, eat some Cheetos. But Chris stopped her.
"Where you going?" He asked gently, their heads were coming closer again.
"Oh... um, I just thought you wouldn't wanna dance to this...." The color was rising in her face again.
"Not with anyone else. Just you."
"Oh... okay," she agreed putting her arms around around his neck while he put his around her waist. Geena drew in a deep breath to contain herself.
Nerves seemed to conquer her body; she kept stepping on Chris' feet and her hands were shaking uncontrollably.
"S-Sorry, sorry," she kept repeating. "Sorry."
He laughed, "Don't worry about it. I never really liked these shoes anyway."
Geena smiled nervously, staring at her feet. But Chris' face averted her eyes. They were so close already but he was coming closer.
"Hey, Geena."
"C-Chris,"" she tried extra hard to keep her voice as steady as possible.
"You look more amazing than usual," he said, so charmingly;). Geena was too over whelmed with happiness to respond. "You know, Geena, it's really hard for a guy to admit his feelings but, you should know... I like you a lot. For a while now."
She was absloutely appauled. "Is this a dream? It's too good to be true...."
Chris filled in the tiny gap between them placing his lips on her's. Geena was sure this wonderful moment wasn't a dream, it felt so real, Chris liked her! A lot! Yeah. She really liked him. A lot.
You're gonna be together forever! said a voice in her head. It sounded like Addie's.
Chris pulled back, it felt like they were the only two people standing there, Breezi the biitch wasn't looking as mad as over and no one was watching them (creepers!) with shocked faces. No one was as shocked as Geena and Chris, though, by Chris' daring actions.
They weren't complaining, though.

*YYaaaaay! Happily every after!! Then after that their hearts and genitals start dancing and singing, the end ;b
I luff yew, Geenaww!!! So does Chris!!:);)

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