Colour Chronicle

Colour Chronicle

Meiko is a beautiful Gypsy Princess with a dangerous Prophecy that leaves the world hanging in her Guardian, Kaito's, magicial hands.
With an evil King bent on ,either, killing her or marrying her, the 2 must prevent the evil prophecy from happening & find the Prince Meiko is prophesized to wed.

If they fail, the land will plunge into darkness & despair forever...

Chapter 1

Guardian Blue

by: Cozy_Glow
I was only a boy, barely 4, when I first met the Gypsies. I was sitting on my favoured branch in a tree in the far garden of the orphanage, listening to the wind & trees. I looked down to see a young man sitting idly on the wall, his legs swinging limply. He looked up with a smile.

"What's such a fine lad like doing in a tree?" He looked around. "And all alone too!"
"I'm listening to the wind" I replied, not removing my eyes. “After all, no one wants me!”
“How so?”
“All the other children think I’m queer!” I sighed & looked out over the garden. “Just because I have blue hair & like things they don’t!”
“How about you help me & I’ll see what I can do for you?!” the man grinned.

I looked back at him & let myself slip from the tree branch into his waiting arms. We quickly ran away from the orphanage to the outskirts of the town. There were 5 neatly patterned wagons with a big, lovely horse at each. The man helped me up to a seat & took the one beside me. With a click of his tongue & a light whip of the reins, the wagons trundled into the sandy desert. The man puzzled me, but not as much as the singing from within the wagon itself.

“It’s okay” the man smiled, ruffling my hair. “It is my sister, Ellen, & her baby!”
“Sir, I--”
“Oh, my name’s Edgar” the man said, quickly. “And your name?”
“Kaito” I sighed & looked into his dark brown eyes. “Mister Edgar, why am I here?”
“Well, my niece is very lonely” Edgar explained with a kind smile. “And you looked like the right boy for the job! But, that is not all I must ask you!” He leaned close to me & lowered his voice. “My niece is part of a prophecy, you see, & I know we cannot protect her, so I will ask you: Can you be her guardian?”
I gave a smile & nodded. “With every ounce of me, I will help!”
Edgars smile returned. “Good, now let me see who I can give you too…”
“Don’t worry, Edgar” I laughed. “My time for family will come!”

With that, Edgar hugged me close & laughed. It was nice to be where I was wanted. As the wagons trundled on, Edgar told me a Prophecy about his niece. In her future, she’d marry a prince & bring peace to the land. However, if something bad should happen to her, if she married Evil, the land would plunge into darkness & despair.
He told me how I had to protect her from the bad side of the Prophecy at all costs. It was a rather big job for a boy like me, but I assured him, & myself, I could stop her from marrying Evil. That night, we camped at a small oasis. Ellen opened the wagon doors & ushered us both inside. I felt a slight ping of sickness & fear, but Ellen melted it with her kindness & lovely food.
Even her daughter, Meiko, was adorable. I felt lucky to have a friend like her, well, when she grows a bit more. Edgar & Ellen even made a bed for me to sleep in for the night, right beside Ellen’s. My heart ached from all their kindness & love, & I started crying.

“Oh, what is wrong?” Ellen asked, worriedly wrapping her arms around me. “Did I do something?”
“N-no” I sobbed with a smile. “I’m just really happy!”
“That’s good”

The night for me was peaceful & warm. But, something stopped me from sleeping: a nagging feeling I didn’t belong. Ellen’s hand gently rested on my head & began stroking my blue hair. It made me smile & slowly drift off to sleep…

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