Colour Chronicle

Colour Chronicle

Meiko is a beautiful Gypsy Princess with a dangerous Prophecy that leaves the world hanging in her Guardian, Kaito's, magicial hands.
With an evil King bent on ,either, killing her or marrying her, the 2 must prevent the evil prophecy from happening & find the Prince Meiko is prophesized to wed.

If they fail, the land will plunge into darkness & despair forever...

Chapter 2


by: Cozy_Glow
Meiko was very loud & rebellious to everyone, except me. I chased her around the camp, pretending I couldn’t catch her. We dodged everyone in the camp & ran out towards the mountains. I stopped & called her back, but she hid in between some rocks. I crawled up to it & held my hand out, to which she bit.

“Don’t bite, Princess” I sucked up the droplets. “You know what your mother will say!”
“But, I’m a wild cat” she giggled from inside. “I eat people!”
“Come on, we’ve gone too far from the camp” I protested. “And it’s getting late!”
“Kaito, can I ask something?”
“Why do you call me ‘Princess’?”
“Well, you are! Princess of the Gypsies!”

Feeling flattered enough; she slowly crawled out, her red skirt & shirt all dusty. I quickly dusted her off & we began to walk back, but, being herself, she dodged me & back up the mountain to her hole. I didn’t want either of us in trouble, so I begged her to follow me. Eventually, she grew tired of my nagging & crawled out again. I didn’t dust her off, just took her hand & walked her down the mountain.
We didn’t get there, however: bandits had raided it. Some of the peaceful Gypsies lay dead in pools of crimson blood, others were chained together & being marched away. We hid behind a large rock & I held her close to my body, my hand covering her mouth. She didn’t struggle, just sat quietly listening to my heart.
Slowly & carefully, I lowered my hand & moved to the side. Meiko flattened herself against the rock & I crawled into the bushes to look for her mother. A pair of large, tree-trunk like legs blocked my way. A rough hand grabbed my shirt & hauled me up.
The man slammed me against the rock & held me there with his the flat of his arm against my chest. I was lucky it wasn’t my neck he was crushing. I heard a scream & saw another bandit drag Meiko, crying, from behind the rock. Her eyes were large with freight & tears.

“Shut it, kid, or your brother gets it!” the man growled at her.

She didn’t stop, just got worse. The man holding me struck me hard against the face. Every time she didn’t stop, I was hit with such force, I felt dizzy & the taste of blood grew more. Finally, he slapped me & blood spilled from my lips onto the sand. Meiko screamed & a pool started to grow bigger at her feet. Before he could strike again, she covered her mouth & bit her tongue.

“That a girl” the man smiled evilly. “Now, boy, tell me: Is this the camp of Gypsies harbouring the Princess of the Gypsies?”
I gulped. “I won’t tell you!”

With a growl, the man holding me lifted his arm so it held my chin up. He pressed hard against my neck, making it hard to breathe. I looked over at Meiko as my chest heaved for air. She was terrified & still crying. From under her trembling hand, a trickle of the reddest blood slipped down her chin. The man holding her yanked her & tried dragging her away.

“STOP!” I shouted at them. “Please, she’s just a little girl!”

With that, blue light exploded from my body & the men flew back. Free, I slumped to the ground & Meiko ran over to me. She took my arm & held on for grim life. The men circled us, eyes a flame with anger. My eyes narrowed in anger & I raised one arm. From within my palm, another light that engulfed Meiko & I. It flew us far away to a safe oasis.
Knowing we were safe, I cleaned away the dust & blood & tears from Meiko’s sweet face. She just looked at the ground with sad eyes. I didn’t like seeing her unhappy, but I couldn’t do anything for her mother or uncle. I smiled at her & lifted her chin gently.

“It’s okay, Princess” I said, wiping away a fresh tear. “We’re safe here! But, I’m sorry…”
“Will she come back?” Meiko sniffed.
“I don’t know” I replied, looking down. “But I do know she’d want you to stay safe & bloom into a beautiful flower!”
“Thank you, Kaito” she hugged me tightly & smiled.

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