About my friend :D

this is about Diana_Jackson :D

Chapter 1


Diana_Jackson i'm gonna try my best to make this message long!
Well Your realllyy nice, Your funny, Your Really friendly and much more
I was scared to speak my mind but when you gave me advice i decided i should speak my mind thanks for helping me. MJ is my fav celeb and I love Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Rihanna and Beyonce aswell :D Your awesome don't forget that + Diana! Could we be MJ buddies? Random i know just wanted to ask :3
I LOVE your Profile & Background pic. Your such a great person, Your 3rd on my top friends and You have a really nice name :3 This story was all about you Diana your awesome don't forget that! :D :3

EVERYONE Plz add her here's the link to her profile:
Thanks people :D

And thank you Diana for being such a great friend thank you soo much :'D


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