ABC survey

yup. bored.

Chapter 1

here we go.

by: m3rcy616
A-available: Not really.

B-birthday: January 14

C-crushing: indeed
D-drink you last had: Orange crush

E-easiest person to talk to: Mom

F-fave song : Fight to the Bitter End - Black Tide

G-gummy bears or gummy worms: bears

H-hometown: Denver

I-in love with someone: yeah.

K-killed someone: nope

L-longest car ride: the drive up to grand lake, i believe.

M-milkshake flavor: Strawberry

N-number of siblings: 1

O-one wish: For him to be mine for real.

P-person that called you last: My room mate

R-reason to smile: Music

S-song you last sung: Into The Sky - Black Tide

T-time you woke up: 5:00 am to go to work. (got sent home early cause our shipment got canceled today, but oh well. )

U-underwear color: black

V-vegetable: carrots, celery, zucchini.

W-worst habit: smoking.

X-x rays you have had: dental x-rays

Y-years living where you live: 19... give me another couple months and it's 20.

Z-zodiac sign: Capricorn

Random questions:
Spell your names with out vowels: mrc

What color do you wear the most: Black, white, gray and silver.

Least favorite color: yellow

What are you listening to: So broken - Black Tide (of which the ending solo sounds incredibly similar to the solo in Won't see you tonight part II by A7X. It trips me out all the time. but it's awesome.)

Whats your favorite class in school: advanced electric building had to be. (I'm only taking classical this semester, so it's i guess my fave class this semester by default.)

When do you start back at school: almost 3 months ago.

Are you out going out with someone: kinda? It's an odd thing between me and him.

Favorite pair of shoes: tie between my monster boots (which i call that cause of the steel toe and three inch thick rubber sole.) and my 8 inch stripper heels.

Can you dance: I can get down in the goth clubs I go to. so I guess so.

Can you whistle: used to, haven't figured out how to whistle with my tongue stud yet.

Cross your eyes: yes

Walk with your toes curled: too lazy to test that theory. lol.

Do you believe in life on other planets: yes, but I don't think they'd want anything from us. and we'll be the race that destroys ourselves... so other life, yes. do i believe they'd invade us? not really.

Do you believe in miracles: I suppose, in a sense. since I believe in karma. (which is a two way street, but most people get stuck on the idea of bad karma. but there's good karma too.)

Do you believe in magic: I'm pagan sooo..... yeah.

Love at first sight: it's attraction at first sight. you can't fall in love with someone till you at least get to knowing them a little.

Do u believe in Santa: I still get presents every year lol. I have a very close relationship with 'santa' you see...

Do you like roller-coasters: wooden ones. I've yet to buck up for the steel coasters.

Have you ever been on a plane: Yes, several times.

Have you ever asked someone out: Yeah

Have you ever been asked out by someone: Mhmm

Have you ever been to the ocean: yep. not very often, as it's a 2 hour plane ride to the nearest ocean but.... yeah lol.

Have you almost drowned in the ocean: Nope

Temperature outside: Cold! my hands went numb on the minute walk from the door of my work to my car.

Radio station you listen to: 106.7 KBPI, 105.5 Jack FM, and 103.5 The Fox.

Last thing you bought: fuel.

Last TV show you watched: um. Supernatural.
Who was the last person you took a picture of: myself with the guys of the band Black tide (the're mentioned so much in here, you can draw your own conclusion that they're my fave band.) but then my camera was stolen at the show sooo.... i'm still pissed. But there will be another show.

Ever cried your heart out: oh yeah.

Ever cried on a friends shoulder: Yep

Cried over the opposite gender: um, yeah. only of my 4 exes. I don't care about it now.

Cry when you get an injury: only once, scraped up my abdomen, after falling off my bike due to gravel, and sliding under a parked car. about 8 years ago.

Do songs make you cry: yup. I get emotionally drawn into songs, concept albums, movies, books, etc.

Are you a happy person: Mostly. Some situations get stressful. but yeah.

Current hair color: Black, though it needs redying badly.

What are you wearing: a thermal shirt I bought from work, a cocacola tshirt over it, my cyberdog circuit hoodie, jeans, and underwear, obviously.

Short or long hair: long


What to do: unpack the boxes in my room, and help my roommate unpack the rest of the stuff in the living room and kitchen.


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