Lucy's Kingdom (It's about zombies, dude.)

For some reason, I have become obsessed with the idea of a zombie apocalypse. I was bored one night so this was created. Hope you like it. Comment, Rate, etc etc etc.

Chapter 1

The Outbreak

It was late December, and Doctor Jason Hasley was working late in his office at Safe Haven Hospital. Dropping his head into his hands, he sighed and thought for a moment. It had been, what, two months since Patient 0 was admitted here? His disease was an odd one, one that made him ravenous and panicky whenever a person entered his room. He had bitten three nurses already, and each one had reported feeling feverish and nauseous. It was curious, because the disease only seemed to spread through physical contact. Jason jumped as he heard a bang from Patient 0's room, right next to his office. Sighing heavily, he got up and exited his tiny room. He stepped into the hallway. Behind a counter sat Joleen, the bubbly young intern. Snapping her gum, she looked up at Jason and waved, even though he was no more that six feet away. "Going to check on Patty 0, are you? Be careful, he bites." Joleen then let out a loud, girlish laugh, and then went back to sorting patient records, still giggling at her own joke. Jason grimaced. He liked Joleen, but the only thing that was wrong with her was that she was too girly. He shook his head, focusing again, and made his way to Patient 0's door. He had just grabbed the door knob when Joleen spoke again. "You know," she said, as Jason paused, his hand still clutching the door knob, "I've been thinking. Patty 0's symptoms seem an awful lot like the one's the zombies from the movies have. It's just a thought, but the idea kinda scares me." Jason waited a second. He had thought the same thing on several occasions, but he refused to believe it. Zombies weren't real. He firmly believed that. He took a breath, and then turned the door knob. The first thing that struck him was the horrible smell that wafted out at him. Eyes watering, he stumbled into the room, not closing the door behind him. He looked around, and his breath caught in his dry throat as his foot caught on something on the ground. Before he even looked down, he knew what it was. Feeling sick in the pit of his stomach, he looked down, and gagged. A body. But not just a body, his wife, Nurse Peggy Hasley, lay mutilated and broken on the floor. Her neck was covered in blood and her limbs were limp, their contents on the floor. He looked around the room, and felt a sudden peircing pain in his thigh as spmething bit him. "Jolee-!!!" Was all he had time to yell as Patient 0 devoured Jason Hasley. Picking it's rotted teeth with it's long fingernails, the thing turned to the open door, and saw Joleen, bobbing her head along to the pop music blasting out of her headphones. Licking it's chapped lips, it dove out of the room, straight at the young girl, who didn't even have time to pop her gum as the zombie tore at her body. A horrible moan escaped Patient 0's room, as the reanimated version of Peggy Hasley stood, and stumbled out. A few minutes later, Jason Hasley stood too, moaning and groaning in inescapable hunger. The three things stumbled down the hall, occasionally stopping to feast upon an unsuspecting nurse or doctor. A few minutes later, a bubbly young zombie named Joleen stumbled up, following her fellow zombies. The four pillaged the city of North Ridge. Soon, four became a few dozen, then it became a few hundred, and then a few thousand. The disease had spead. The outbreak of the Z-Virus spread country wide. But not all is lost.

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