Don't click dis!!! EVEN IF YOU'RE THE KING OF PILLOW LAND!! But...Click it if ur not him...Or if you think you're not not him, or you're not pretending to be someone other than him!!

Chapter 1

Piggies go oink!

by: _Ripple_
Or if you ARE him, but only in your head!! ABSOLUTELY DO NOT click it if you're under the impression that he's a him who's not him but he's actually you and you're a him therefore he's not you but he's actually me but at the same time he's God O.o
Click this if you're The King of Pillow Land but you're actually the Queen of Pillow Land which means you're married to yourself but you're not really because he's just a she and you're actually not she at all you just act like you think you're acting like she because you're actually a he who's ashamed of what he is because he is JUSTIN BEAVER!

Did I confuzzle you?


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