My Crazy (And not so predictable) Year At Hogwarts

Okay, so my old story has mysteriously disappeared... right now, I'm thinking of questioning Fred with veritaserum to see if he deleted it.
Anyways, I'm restarting the story. BTW, none of the original Harry Potter characters have their original personality xD
Warning: If you show any symptoms of being allergic to weirdness, insane people, or blithering idiots, please get out from under that rock and get to know me and my friends.

Chapter 1

Meet the weirdos ^_^

Soul- Also referred to as: Bekah, Paperclip. This is me! The story will mainly be in my PoV, but I might write in others' point of view. Slytherin, 11 inch cherry wood wand with hippogriff feather, brunette, different shades of brown eyes, around 5'5, crush on Draco, imaginary frenemy is Fred. Hates llamas.

Highlight- Ravenclaw, not sure what the wand is (Help me out here, Highlight xD), blond hair, blue eyes, not sure what height, imaginary frenemy is BK. Also hates llamas.

Jen- Also referred to as TG. Gryffindor, forgot what the wand is xD, short blond hair, forest-green eyes, height?, frenemy is Yumi.

Streaky- Ravenclaw

Fred- Striped squirrel, annoying, obsessed with pop-tarts, referred to as: Fredweird, Meesta Fredweird McSquirrelbacon, Franklin, Fredward, Freddy'O, you get the picture xD Hates heights, hates acorns, hates everything that normal squirrels love.

Yumi- Human (18 years) from a website, annoying, obsessed with pink, referred to as: Yummy, YouMe, likes making fun of BaKi and Franklin

Barn Kitty- Also referred to as: BaKi, BK, gray tom with too many peircings for his own good, dyed tail (I think xD), obsessed with waffles, believes pancakes are evil.

Steven Mcllama Pants- You shall see

Bill- again, you shall see.... MWAHAHAHA!

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