Why Mamber Loves Elegance

I just felt like doing it

Chapter 1

Loovvee makes the world go 'round

She's awesome

She's always there for me, and listens no matter what. She may have a whole shiitload of problems, but she'll listen to mine.

She understands more than I probably think.

She says what she thinks, no matter what

She is so sweet. If you're having a bad day, she'll try and cheer you up.

There are so many more, but words cannot express what I feel about her. I love her like a sister, a mother, a best friend....no words, no words. I know this didn't do you justice, Lance. I love you and your kids and if Juan doesn't take care of you I will personally hunt him down and make sure he can't have any kids...or even be called a man anymore. I could constantly tell you I love you (which I do) and that would not be enough. So until next time I'm in a weird lovey mood....



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