Bestfriends Hurt...

Bestfriends Hurt...

I think we have all felt this way....It is a combination of truth and a story I'm going to write.

Chapter 1

This letter is real....I feel this way.....It helps with the story too.

Dear Best friend,
Remember how we used to make fun of the "popular" people together? Or when the kid with anger issues punched you in the face? I do. I remember when you got upset because I used to get invited to things you didn't. Now I know how much it hurts. Is it some kind of payback that you don't talk to me? You said we would always be friends no matter what. Yet here I am crying because you don't talk to me, you abandon me for the people we used to talk about. I miss you, I really do. You ignore me, every weekend your doing something so you can't hang out with me. Are you doing it on purpose? or are you really stooping that low? I guess I'll never know.....maybe you moved on, maybe you should just tell me you have other friends you want to hang out with. I would you rather you do that then let me sit here and wonder and hurt. Please I just want to know...


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