Stereo Hearts (A StarKid Story)

HEY! Marti (JoeyRichterIsTotallySexy) and I are writing this nonsense about twins who move from NY to Chicago for acting stuff! All right, we'll see how it goes:)

Chapter 1

Good Old NY to Beautiful New Chicago

Another audition I didn't get.
Broadway was too competitive. My twin sister, Emery, disagreed.
"I don't know, Em, I feel like we've used up all the luck in good old NY." I sighed.
"Listen, Amy, we can't just leave." Emery shook her head, her identical dark brown hair bouncing as she did it. Even though our hair and eyes were the same color, I could never make them look as pretty as her, my hair un-shiny and less...voluminous than hers.
I sighed and took out our senior year yearbook. I flipped it open to the "Most Likely To" section. "Look, we were most likely to succeed in Theatre. How many roles have we gotten since we got here?"
"One..." she murmured.
"Exactly. Maybe we should go to... Chicago?"
"Why Chicago?"
"It's a big theatre city! Come on!"
My twin looked down at her hands. "Fine. We've got nothing to lose."

So, two days later, we were in some diner in Chicago for breakfast.
"Hey! I'll be your waiter today, I'm Brian. What kind of drinks can I get ya?"
Wow. He was nice to look at. But totally Emery's type, not mine.
"I'll take a water, please," I said.
Emery smiled at him and twirled her hair. "Same. So, your name is Brian?"
"Yep! What's yours?"
"I'm Emery Hayes and this is my twin, Amy."
"Amelia," I corrected her. I only let her call me Amy.
"Emery's a nice name," Brian said. "And so is Amelia. But I've never heard Emery before."
I smiled as they flirted and kinda hung back, drawing on my napkin with a pen I had in my purse. My sister deserved a guy, and so far this Brian looked nice.
After ten minutes, he seemed to remember his job and ran to go get our waters.
"Isn't he adorable?!"
I laugh. "Yes, totally! Go for him!"
"Oh, I am!"
"Okay, well, here he comes, so you better get to flirtin', girl! We need a guy to help us unpack!" I winked.
"Right!" Em looked back to the boy. "So, we're new here. Where's the best hang out spot?"
I spaced out, deciding to look around the diner. It was nice, kind of 50's, but not overly so. I started looking at the people. A lot of artsy folk in this town, I see. Lots of color, too. I like it so far. It's really busy. Good. Just like New York, but somehow better.
It felt luckier, like we were going to get a big break sometime soon.
I smiled.
"Hey, Amy?"
"Brian was just saying he could have a few of his friends help us move in. You okay with that?"
"Sure! Thanks!"
"No problem," Brian smiled.

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