Forbidden love...

Forbidden love...

Skye Kaylar is an emo girl that has always hid the fact she was emo from her dad, but when she falls for an emo boy called Tyler Gray she decides that she doesn't want to hide it anymore. But her dad thinks Tyler is changing his little girl so her forbiddes her from seeing him...with her heart broken what will she do?

Chapter 1

Info on Skye Kaylar

Hey thats me Skye, im 16 and emo but im hiding it from my dad because he doesn't like emos he says "They look to shameless! Im glad you don't dress like them." You see he works as a police officer and he says emos are 'bad people' or 'trobble maker' He likes preppy people more. Anyway my fave colour is purple, and gray. My best friend is Harper Lily but I dont get to see her any more since we started diffrent school...I got kicked out of my old sort of a rebel, but im a loner as complacated to most people, but thats just because they dont know what i've been through. My mum abondoned me and my dad when I was 5...Thats pretty much it about me now.... BYEZ!

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