There he stands... [Read introduction, please.]

There he stands... [Read introduction, please.]

I hate love stories, I think they're icky and weird and frankly gross, so that's why I'm writing one! Except it has a twist...hee hee hee....

Chapter 1

There he stands...

by: Whizzeyes
She walks down the streets with hands in her pockets, whistling a soft tune without a care in the world. Then she sees him, standing outside Centra with a grin on his handsome face, his eyes twinkling at her, daring her to come forwards and embrace him or whatever you do when you love someone. He has fair hair that glows in the sun like an angel's halo, and a face so beautiful, so perfect, everyone faints as they look at him. He is just leaning casually against a pole, grinning at her like an idiot - but a handsome idiot.
"Peter," she stammers. "I...well,'s really hot in here, isn't it?"
"Not really," he says coolly.
She blushes bright red.
"Just get it over with," he laughs and they kiss. I won't describe it because I'd probably get sick, just to let you know. But then he falls down dead because she's Poison Ivy from Batman and she kills everyone she kisses!

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