Baka and Test

this is about me being apart of baka and test xD i never imangined me likeing a perv but sumn about him made me like him XD

Chapter 1


"theres this girl" Kouta thinks looking up into the sky "shes sweet, shy, adorable, theres sadness when i look in her eyes but yet happieness when shes focused on us or nature" puts his thumb to his chin" and theres something about her that doesn't make me wanna perv on her"

classF is all focused on there own thing Himeji and Minami are talking to Yoshii Hideyoshi and Yuuji are talking and Kouta is cleaning his camera lense
when a girl with meduim dark brown hair brown eyes fair sized height skinny and bit of tan skin comes in with her head down and her book bag to her legs "um excuse me?" she says looking up a little causing everyone to sop what their doing and look up at her causing her to get nearvous
"ah yes your the new girl Hina please take a seat next to um hm the only sea avaliable is next to that Kouta Kid so please seat yourself there"
"yes sir" she says putting her head down again walking over to her drawing pad next to Kouta
"well class i gotta go do some stuff go study something while im gone"
Hina pulls out a paper and starts drawing on the drawing pad
"what do i say to her?" Kouta thinks "i could say..." then aloud he says "hi my names Kouta" he says with a nervous smile"damn it she knows my names already i shouldve just said hi" he thinks
"hi"she says looking up giving him a faint smile "i'm Hina"
"um you do know that you dont really to study right?"
"huh oh i know i'm drawing" she says showing him a picture of a girl
"oh thats really good who is that?"
"no one really just someone i wish i could be"she says admiring her drawing
"hey look Akihisa looks like Koutas flirting with the new girl"yuuji points out
"what no way!"
"yeah really Kouta never devotes himself to girls"Minami says
"i bet hes just tring to perv on her" Hideyoshi says
"we should go say hi to her just incase he is"Himeji says
"Hey new girl! my names Yoshii and this is Yuuji , Hideyoshi, Minami, Himeji, and this is the class perv Kouta" he says with a big smile
"ah... what he means is-"
"yep hes the perviest guy we know"Hideyoshi says
"eh heh yeah um they mean to say photographer"Kouta says with a nervous smile causing everyone to be a bi confused then he says "guys this is Hina..."


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