This rocked my world. I have to share it.

This rocked my world. I have to share it.

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Chapter 1

Ready, set, GO!

by: _2D_
Soooo..... I've always liked the band Switchfoot. but it was one of those things that came and went, ya know? I like one of their songs for a while, then the next month I completely forget about it... but incase you didn't know, Switchfoot recently released a new album.

real, raw emotion, real problems, real life, thought provoking ideas, soul stirring lyrics, hidden hope that is revealed differently in every individual's uniquely knit heart, and dream haunting melody (in a good way) is woven into every song to make the most amazing CD I've ever listened to.

it's called Vice Verses.
the artist is Switchfoot.
the protagonist is you.

if you can't buy a CD or get songs on iTunes, all the songs are on youtube.
here's a list of them:
-Blinding Light
-Dark Horses
-The Original
-Rise Above It
-Selling the News
-Vice Verses
-The War Inside
-Where I Belong

if you somehow possibly may not be able to listen to the songs on youtube, you at least have to read the lyrics, which I will post in the next chapters :)
have fun!
and remember... doubting, wondering, and thinking is allowed.

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