Poison Love (A Fred Weasley Love Story)

~Being separated will not separate our friendship~

This is my first love story (by myself) so tell me how it goes! There are 4 friends, Eden, Nicole, Cassie and Cora. This is their first year at Hogwarts. The twins are in the same year. It will start with a bit about each of the characters.

Chapter 1

The Characters

Name: Eden Willow Dowelle (pronounced doe-well)
Nickname: Dee
Year: Same as the twins
Appearance: Blonde hair up to the middle of her back, blue eyes, pale skin, tall (not too tall though) lots of freckles, pale blue streak in her hair
Personality: Mostly happy, hates her family, loves her friends to bits as if they were her sisters, gets hyper when she has too much sugar, very smart
Best Friends: Nicole, Cassie, Cora, Fred and George

Name: Nicole Marie Evans
Nickname: Nicki
Year: Same as Fred and George
Appearance: Thick blonde hair slightly longer than shoulders, Blue eyes, light skin, scar on right cheek below ear, short
Personality: Very stubborn, funny, sarcastic, intelligent, brave, stupid- sometimes, random, bold, would do anything to protect friends and family, fiery temper, doesn't mind standing out/public speaking, playful but can be serious when needed, rebellious
Best Friends- Eden, Cassie, Cora, Fred and George.

Name: Cassidy Heather Trotter
Nickname: Cassie
Year: Same as Fred and George
Appearance: Wavy brown hair that's just past shoulder length, hazel eyes, average height and weight, pale skin
Personality: Meek, open-minded, likes to make jokes, thinks Fred and George are funny most of the time, HUGE crush on Seamus Finnigan, has a black cat named JZ, doesn't like Slytherins, is really good at Transfiguration, it's her favorite subject, cute American accent.
Best Friends: Nicole, Eden, Cora, Hannah Abbot and Luna Lovegood

Name: Cora Lily Hartman
Nickname: Coral (because of her hair) and Coco
Year: Same as Fred and George
Appearance: Tan, long, thick, wavy brown/black hair, rainbow streaks, blue/grey eyes, skinny, freckles on her nose
Personality: Happy, fun-loving, has ADHD, will destroy you if you make fun of her or her friends
Best Friends: Nicole, Cassie, Eden, Cleo Beuley-random character i made up (my surname and my crushes surname combined!! im a genius :D) pronounced byu-lee

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