read!! U can be included & i need help??? Prettttieee please?????

ok well im thinkin about doing another story. Hopefully itll be better than the last , so i have an idea like the first chapter i guess? But what i need yals help with is ive only gotten like the first chapter, ive also decided i was goin to use sum of my quuibllo friends in it. So if u want to be in it tell me ur name appareance . Powers exc. The first like four chapters will be at howgarts & well read on.

Chapter 1

information & what im thinkin about doing 4 the first chapter

by: burr
ok so im thinkin that the first like four five chapters should be held at hogwarts . & again like i said up above. If u wanna be in it than message me with ur character information. U know apparence, powers , skills , & i NEED one basic piece of information . . . . . . Ur animal uu will end up changing back & forth from later in the story. I may give you a boyfriend buuuuuut it may not be from harry potter. It may be from sum other story. Because i plan on throwin some things together like harry potter , & wolfsmoon(if u havent read it u should its an amazing book.) but anyway....lets move on thats all u need to know i do believe unless u wanna help me.

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