Just Take a Chance (Starkid: Brian Rosenthal Story)

Finally a Starkid story!! Hallelujah! haha XD Thank you StoMo_BrianRosenthal (aka Stormy) for helping me out with this story! I based the main character for this story off of her (the biggest Brosenthal fan I have ever met!)

So what are you waiting for? Read on and Enjoy.....

Chapter 1

Character Bios

Name: Taylor Range
Age: 22
Hair: a mix of darkish blonde and really light brown, bit passed shoulder length and layered a certain way, and side bangs
Eyes: ocean/sky blue with a white ring around the inside
Height: 5'6"
Overall Appearance: Doesnt look like it; but can be pretty strong when needed to be. She's skinny, but not too skinny... but not as average as she should be. No percings. No Tattoos. Her nails are almost NEVER painted.
Personality: Cheerful on her good days. Grumpy on her bad ones. Enjoys spending time with her friends. Has a short attention span; and usually gets in trouble for it. Shes a bit of a joker when she wants to be. All in all... friendly, joyful to be around, can kick someones A/S/S if needed. Defends/helps out her friends no matter what.
Hobbies: Photography, plays guitar and writes music, Decent singer, but doesn't think she is good enough and prefers just to play instruments and writing music, likes to play soccer, volleyball, tennis... running around, Writing, Dancing (some types)
Interests: She loves to write (stories and music), read books, very fond of TV, loves to listen to people sing and play instruments, runs around the park daily, photography lover, squirrel lover, happiness lover
- Hates when people bug her when shes taking photos or writing.
- Someday would like to because a Journal Writer for a newspaper or a bigtime magazine company or even write music for big time recording artists or musical productions (or a photographer! XD)
- In love with squirrels
- Has quite a talent for drawing
- Dances when shes happy
- Gets embarresed easily : Crys easily. (when she gets embarresed to much she tends to get teary eyes)
- Notices things others do not
- Can tell when someone is lying
- Gets hurt easily (you know)

most of this info is taken from StoMo_BrianRosenthal. Now read on silly! XD

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