"I'm on my second wind now" sorta

We are trying to sart a poe-a-tree club at my school

Chapter 1


Part Once
im far too deep
to make words come out of my mouth
its hard to speak
when you're afraid you
and its hard to speak...
when nothing means a thing
and im far to deep
to dig myself out now
and if i can't make it perfect
then i might as well not try
and its just too hard
and its really not fair
id give you my all..
but it would never be good enough
and i was thinking...
if i told you everything
would you still beleive you care?
i beleive i have nothing to offer
but so much more than you could ever amount to
and if i died...
would that be enough to make you see...
the silent exclaimation point inside of me
and i'd be weeping inside
and you don't know it's your fault
and i just can't do this anymore
not if it all amounts to nothing
and i would give you my all
but i might break..
and what would we do then?
and i can't feel halfway...
cuz that might as well be nothing...
and i could try so hard...
but ill get ripped in two
or i could be nothing
and waste away to nothing..
and i would give you my heart
but that thing's a bowl of nothing
loving you would be fake
and to me it would be nothing
and i would te3ll you the truth
the whole damn thing
but to you im sure it'd be nothing
and if i tried to love you
well i might get hurt
and then i could feel nothing
and im sure i could get someone to love me
if i really wanted to
but you wouldnt know what your getting yourself into
and its just no fair...
and its just to hard
and if we can be perfect
then we might as well be nothing
and i dont want to live a life
afraid of failure and success
and i must have one or the other
but i'd rather have nothing

Part Twice
i accually dont even have a mother
or a anything
im not even a person
im just

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